About Me

I am a life that has been radically transformed by the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. This blog consists of my thoughts and sometimes crazy ramblings. I love to write and want to glorify the Lord while doing it. Sometimes humorous (ok, mostly humorous) sometimes serious but hopefully always edifying.

I married the man of my dreams on March 27, 2009 and am so grateful the Lord brought us together. He has taught me what true love is and what it means to lay down your life for someone. He loves me so much that at times, it boggles my mind.

In June 2014, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer (ER/PR-, HER2+), stage 2 grade 2.  I fought it with everything I had, including chemotherapy and a double mastectomy and thought I was cancer free but found out Feb 10, 2017 that it had metastasized to my liver, both lungs, both kidneys, one adrenal gland and several bones. I’m currently on weekly chemo and several other targeted therapies so hopefully all that stuff will shrink the masses.

I’m a warrior woman and will hopefully not become a statistic and live a long healthy life. I know that God has a plan and purpose for my life and if it’s to carry this burden, I’ll do it! I trust Him with my life and everything else.



  1. George Parker said,

    Hey Rachel, havnt seen you in a while, hows everything going? Hope all is well with you. Anything new with your Africa plans. I’m leaving on Feb. 4 for Kenya/Tanzania and back on the 21. Maybe we can meet for coffee after I get back.

  2. Aaron said,

    hi. Rachel and George, i wanted to really talk to you and your group about your missions because i feel as though God is calling me to do something. if u think it would be better through email- i couldn’t find your address.

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