Short update

June 14, 2017 at 8:34 am (My ramblings)

I met with my oncologist today and had a very candid conversation with her about my future. She’s already told me the average lifespan for my type of cancer and where it’s metastasized is about 4 years. Today I asked her about quality of life and she knows Ken and I like to travel so she told me to do all the traveling we want to now because I’ll most likely start getting sick and symptomatic in 2 years and will be unable to travel. I feel I like I have to live the rest of my life in the next 2 years and I’m so overwhelmed with sadness.

My faith is strong and I know God is a God of miracles and can heal me at any moment but I feel like He’s preparing me for something much bigger. I want to do my best to glorify God through my suffering and someday dying. I’m sad and it’s not fair but I trust God and His plan for my life. He wrote it in His book before I was even born and nothing has surprised Him. Nothing happens without Him allowing it to happen and knowing that nothing can ever separate His love from me brings me such peace. 

I’m grateful to not have any regrets and I’ve had an amazing life. I shouldn’t have even lived this long and I’m already several miracles in. I plan on running my race with everything in me and will continue to fight this fight daily.

Please pray for me and my family as we process this and deal with the emotions. It’s heavy stuff and I know it’s going to get even more difficult so we covet your prayers. They have sustained me and encouraged me more than you know. I’ve had several people want to visit but I’m just not ready yet. I need to take some time to process this with my family then I’ll be up for visits again. I love receiving cards, emails and texts. I read each and every one even though I may not get back to you so thank you! 

This song by Mercy Me has been ministering to my heart and bringing me hope.



  1. kimberly Spicer said,

    My prayers are with you always. May God continue to carry you and allow you to see all His miracles. You are truly a warrior- an amazing woman to many. Your strength, courage and determination are miraculous. Please call, email, text for anything. If you just need a friend, someone to sit with, take a walk , get coffee, laundry -anything that would be helpful to you and Ken.

  2. Alex Pretti said,

    Rachel…thanks for the courage and humbleness in sharing this. I’m so very touched by it all…am with you in hope, thoughts and prayer!!!
    Alex Pretti

  3. Jeanie said,

    Rachel, Grace, Isaiah and I are praying for you. We are trusting God to encourage you when you need it and to grant you the wisdom and strength you and Kenny need in the process. Hoping to get a chance to hug you in July when we are back!

  4. Gail Diggs said,

    Rachel, thank you for sharing your story. Your are truly a warrior and I love you. God has all of us in his hands and if we just continue to take One Step at a Time it will be okay. God will continue to give you the strength and support you need each day. You are constantly in my prayers.

  5. Karen armstrong said,

    I’m thinking and praying for you. You are truly an inspiration. I am in aw of your strength and faith. You are an amazing woman. I hope the good days out weigh the bad days. Processing information like yours takes strength, courage and determination. All of which you have. Hugs and prayers to you and Ken.

    Karen A

    • Annie Zimbelman said,

      Tom and I and the kids are in praying for you and Kenny that His continuous love always sustain you and by His will, miraculous healing be your testimony once again! Love you,

  6. Susan Rodgers said,

    Thank you for posting and sharing your heart. We are continuing to pray for you, standing with you, trusting Jesus with everything. Your resolute testimony continues to point to His trustworthiness. We love you!

  7. Rebecca said,

    Rachel, I’m sad with you. Praying a strength and peace only our Heavenly Father can give. Love you!

  8. Hulda said,

    Dear Rachael, please know you are in our prayers. Thank you for sharing here. I can’t begin to imagine how hard this must be. You’re a beautiful soul and I thank God for you. Love and prayers, Hulda

  9. Russell Sr. Matthews said,

    I LOVE ❤️YOU.
    Racheal …………..🤔 Bowers

  10. wendy lane said,

    You are precious dear Rachel. Praying for you and Ken with all my heart – thanking the Lord for His love for you, and for your love and faith in Him in these incredibly challenging and difficult times. Your writing encourages me so much, and I know God is using you in mighty ways, for His Kingdom and his glory. Thank you for sharing with us. Love you!

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