Update: New Cancer Journey

February 10, 2017 at 8:19 pm (Breast Cancer, Faith, My ramblings)

This is the email I sent out about this new journey I’m getting ready to take.
I wanted to give a more detailed update about what’s going on with my health issues. I’ve been battling a chronic cough for about a month now and have had a lot of pain in my back, ribs, chest and stomach. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago to get cough medicine and they did an xray to rule out pneumonia. The xray showed several lesions in both of my lungs so they wanted me to follow up with a catscan. I immediately called my oncologist who ordered a petscan and catscan, which I had Wednesday.
I met with my oncologist today and the results of my scans showed my breast cancer has metastasized and spread to both of my lungs, both kidneys, one of my adrenal glands, my liver and a few bones. I am now considered to be in stage 4. My treatment plan will consist of me getting a port put in on Monday then I’ll start chemo on Tuesday morning and will continue to have it every week indefinitely.
Obviously this news is very disappointing and the last thing I want to do is to go through chemo for a second time. I just got used to having hair!
Please keep me and Ken and our families in your prayers. I’m still trying to process it all and I’m feeling very overwhelmed. Please know that if I don’t respond back to your texts, phone calls or emails, I am grateful for you and reading each one.
I was praying this morning and actually laughing with the Lord about this new journey I’m about to start. Some may say I’ve been through enough already but how much is enough really? I don’t have to hang on a cross and die for the entire world’s sins and feel betrayed, humiliated, forsaken or abandoned. I am loved and have the most amazing friends and family and an even larger family in the body of Christ. I don’t have to be fearful of the future or worry about dying because I know without a doubt where I am going. I just don’t want to go there right now !
Thank you so much for your love, support and prayers. I am very grateful. Romans 12:12 is still my life verse: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful to prayer


  1. Cheryl said,

    Thinking and praying for you. Hugs!!!

  2. Kim said,

    You are a strong woman and I’m thinking you have a great man by your side. Please know that I will be praying for you. Why does life have to be so difficult? We will never know. But you have a ton of people who love you and are praying for you. Fight the fight! God Bless.

  3. Milagros Ortiz said,

    As a human, mY heart breaks for these news. But as a christian, I am so glad you have “this anchor for your soul”. I’ll be praying for this new journey in your life; so you can be filled with His mighty strength and peace. Many many blessings

  4. Nancy Meyer said,

    Thinking of you. Sending prayers your way for complete healing and strength! Much love.

  5. Lori Patch said,

    My heart was broken as I read your most recent diagnosis, Rachel. I can’t even begin to imagine how receiving that news is for all of you. Know that we are praying for you, Ken and your family!! God’s grace is sufficient for you! My schedule is pretty light right now, so please let me know how I can help you…rides, meals, whatever you need! With much love, Lori

  6. Ame said,

    Oh, Rachel. That is so overwhelming; I am so sorry. May God give you many, many opportunities to laugh and smile and allow His beauty to continue to shine through you, His beloved.

  7. Mags said,

    Ah, Rachel, we will walk the road together, and meet at last on the streets of gold. But not too soon. Blessings, Mags

  8. Patrick Malone said,

    We will pray daily for you during this journey. I think Ressie’s attitude during her journey was inspired by how she saw you two years ago living each day in faith and hope. It is how we are supposed to live no matter our circumstances.
    Patrick Malone

  9. Pablo Huertas said,

    Rachel rejoice for you are in God’s hands, your life is an instrument He uses to call and bless many for His glory and you glorify His name with your living testimony. Continue to praise Him through the storm for the crown of victory is already yours. “By His stripes you’re already healed.”
    You’re in my heart and prayers.

  10. Dayle Sperling said,

    Dear sweet Rachel- My heart is breaking, BUT I immediately began praying for you! I know Our God is an AWESOME God and I believe He will be fighting right along with you! You are His precious daughter and I am trusting Him for strength, peace, comfort, healing, and wisdom for all involved in your treatment. May His grace and mercy be abundant! May He bring beauty from these ashes! May He continue use you to shine His light with love and humor in all circumstances! Have a good cry and come up fighting girl! Love you!

  11. Cheryl said,

    Rachel ~ as I was praying for you this morning I was reminded of what a testimony of faith, hope, and courage you demonstrated through your last trial. It touched so many lives. You are an incredible witness and that’s only because of who Jesus is and your relationship with Him. Anyone who knows you can see that the Cross has truly made a difference in your life and in a big way. Though you are facing the fight of your life right now, your are dearly loved by God and all of us and He is going to provide you with what you need to get through this. The girls and I will be keeping you bathed in prayer and we will be attacking those cancer cells with full force. Love you friend and it’s a privilege to be on this journey with you!!! Hugs!!! xoxo

  12. Kathy said,

    Dear Rachel, I am praying to our loving heavenly Father, the One who is able (Eph 3:20) to comfort, strengthen, bring peace and encouragement to you and Ken, and to touch and heal you, dear sister. You’re in my prayers – ongoing.

  13. David Newell said,

    Rachel, You and Ken are continuously in our prayers. Your Courage and Faith are so obvious and so encouraging.

  14. Tara Bivens said,

    Ben & I will be praying for you, Ken & your families. Please let us know when you come back to Charlotte, we’d love to bring y’all a meal.

  15. wendy lane said,

    Been praying night and day for you and Ken…. God has impressed on my heart how much He loves you – and even though it seems like He has a funny way of showing that right about now, I know you both KNOW that He loves you – as you so beautifully said: “I don’t have to hang on a cross and die for the entire world’s sins and feel betrayed, humiliated, forsaken or abandoned. I am loved and have the most amazing friends and family and an even larger family in the body of Christ. I don’t have to be fearful of the future or worry about dying because I know without a doubt where I am going.” Last summer I went through a very hard time, people seemed to come out of the woodwork to tell me they were praying for me and Steve. I KNEW that God loved me so much He put it on all those hearts to pray for me/us. I know He is putting on the hearts of oodles of people to pray for you now. Cuz He loves you. And so do all of us!!!!

  16. Gabriel ("E") said,

    Hey Rachel… praying Grace from the Lord always exceeds the challenge of the path ahead! Sending love your way… You rock! He IS the Rock!

  17. Karen Pressley said,

    Please know that John and I are praying for you and your doctors. Also your family is also in our prayers. Please let us know if we can do anything for you or your family.

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