My Second Chemo infusion

August 6, 2014 at 2:37 pm (My ramblings)

I’m sitting here pretty in pink waiting to get my meds hooked into my port.
I’ve already met one nice Christian lady, she saw me write Romans 12:12 on the whiteboard and we started talking. I love to talk to people who know The Lord and ooze Jesus out. We both agreed that we couldn’t live without him. Her daughter was cracking up looking at my wig and listening to me talk (she thought I was cool for a grandmother!) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I also got funny looks because I had to see my oncologist first. When you walk into the oncology office, you can see people who are scared, nervous and many of them have no hope. Unlike me, whose hope is in The Lord. I have no idea how anyone could go through this battle without knowing God. I wake up every day so grateful that I’m a child of God and that he has given me such a great life to live. I have the most amazing, supportive husband and family and I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to go through this without them.

Last week was amazing. We had our family vacation in Myrtle Beach and had the most wonderful weather. We had Team Bowers, Team Lechner, Team Maresco and Team Rocky, yes he gets his own team! We played in the waves, had great conversations on the sand, played putt putt, ate good food, got lots of gbaby kisses and had such an awesome time. I’m so grateful that not only are we family, but each one of us is in God’s family.

I’m glad this is my second infusion because I know exactly what to expect. I’m really hoping that I can make it to church Saturday night because I’ve missed the last few weeks. I miss the worship and I miss my awesome Pastor Dale. I’m grateful the church is high tech and I can watch the service live online but I’d rather be there worshipping with my peeps and seeing my friends. I debated wearing this pink wig to church but I would feel horrible if Pastor Dale saw it, burst out in laughter, fell off the stage and injured himself. That would be a good story to tell but I don’t want him calling me into his back office, the most holy of holies ๐Ÿ˜

It’s so interesting that the things that used to seem so important to me before the cancer aren’t really that important at all. I’m learning that certain things are not going to matter one bit so I’m trying to be more eternally focused. I don’t want to waste my cancer, as John Piper says, and I really want to be able to share the hope and peace that I have. I’m still in awe of Gods grace and I can’t believe that I have no fear or anxiety, but instead I’m filled with the Holy Spirit.

I’ve babbled enough so I’ll close with me once again asking for your prayers. Please pray that I can handle the side effects, which start about day 4 and last about a week. It’s tough taking so many medications to counteract them and I feel like a walking drug store. At least now I know to expect to feel like a Mack truck hit me first, then a Smart car, then a tricycle, then a skateboard.

Thank you so much for your cards, texts, emails, and prayers. I may not be able respond to them all but believe me, I read and I appreciate each one.

My verse for this season is in Romans 12:12, Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful to prayer.



  1. kristin said,

    You wear that fabulous wig!! Get ready, HE will have you preaching!!! Love you and your fabulous self!

  2. Wendy said,

    So encouraged and lifted up (and laughing)! by your post. Praying every day. Won’t stop!!!

  3. nancy greenwold said,

    Thank you for including me in your blog, Rachel. The oncology office is such a great place to share God’s love. Have been there myself. I totally agree that it changes your perspective on life forever-in such a good way. Will look forward to hearing from you again. God’s richest blessings on you.

  4. mary kevin said,

    rachael you sound wonderful. Im so excited for you aseason like this is filled with incredible blessings, tremendous growth in the Lord, and also humor is the best. keep it up, bring a light into the rooms you go into while getting meds etc.

  5. Jane Bowers said,

    Rachel, Fantastic post! I think of and pray for you all the time, and I feel blessed to watch you go through this.

  6. Rachinee said,

    Rach – (big R) – yes… you dont want to be hauled in by the ‘hushers’ to the holy of holies… aka our pastors office!! LOL! You are a breath of fresh air and Jesus must trust you sooo much to allow this to happen… but prayers are abound and many are lifted on your behalf today and always!! love you Sis! rach (lil r)

    • Dave Newell said,


      Your Faith and Courage in the midst of the storm is an inspiration to me and countless others.

      Dave Newell

  7. Annie Z. said,

    Your color is definitely pink! Go girl (and go away Kobu)!

  8. Alice Faye Brown said,

    Just got back in from 3 weeks away last night. Good to hear whats gong on with you . God is faithful and you , as I have, during the past 13 years of cancer will know the fullness of each day He gives us in a much new awareness of just what this life is all about. Keeping you lifted up1

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