Update: Met with the Specialist

July 9, 2014 at 3:39 pm (My ramblings)

I just got home from meeting with the specialist and feel like I have a better understanding now of what’s going to happen although my brain is about to explode from all the information and I’m still processing it all.
I had an MRI and ultrasound Monday to check my lymph nodes and I am so grateful that they look clear. The tumor (which I gave the name, Kobi, which means lump in Japanese) is about 4.4 cm x 2.4 cm. Due to the size, I will be doing neoadjuvent therapy (chemo prior to surgery) instead of chemo after. They want to shrink it as much as possible then at that time, hopefully a few months, we will discuss surgery options. It’s too soon to know if I will have a mastectomy or a lumpectomy at this point. There are pros and cons to both. If I opt for a lumpectomy, then I will have to also have radiation but if I have a mastectomy, I won’t need radiation. There are still a few factors that will determine which one I will have and the good news is that I don’t have to decide right now.
The next step is to meet with the oncologist to talk about when to start treatment. I will have chemo and also another infusion of a drug that specifically targets my type of breast cancer (HER2+). I will need to do this drug for a year (bleh) and I’m not sure yet how long the chemo will last.
With all the “business” part out of the way, now for what’s going on inside me. It is amazing how peaceful I am feeling about this right now and I know that it is absolutely God’s grace and your prayers that are carrying me through this. I can’t even begin to imagine how anyone could go through something like this without faith in Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I have shed a few tears and my emotions have been up and down but for the most part, I am at peace. To know that a loving God is with me every step I take brings me so much comfort.
I also want to say that I am so proud of my husband, Ken, and how he has stepped up to care for me. God has done the most amazing things in his life the past few years and I believe He has been preparing him for this new season we are going through. It makes me feel confident that he is my covering and that he has the strength to carry us both through this. His faith in Christ is being made even stronger and it warms my heart to see him fully trusting God in all this.
Please continue to pray for us. I love reading all the texts, emails and cards and I have so much gratitude in my heart for each one of you. You truly are a blessing to us!


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  1. John Andrew said,

    Rachel, I hope blogging about this is therapeutic for you. I know it helps us pray for you more consistently, persistently and specifically. Plus, believe it or not, there are others who have also received a very recent diagnosis of cancer, and your posts about your experiences could help them as well. Every blessing!

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