Hopefully back to blogging!

September 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm (Faith, Fibromyalgia, My ramblings)

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I blogged. I miss writing so much. What a long year and a half it’s been. I got married which, other than God forgiving and loving me, was the best thing that has happened to me. I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which I didn’t believe until February of this year. Unfortunately, I was one of those people who thought FM (fibromyalgia) was in your head. I decided to go on some medication for it 6 months ago and it nearly made me lose my mind. I was on several different medications to help with all the horrible side effects and I am so thankful that I am off all but one of them. I am weaning off it and will hopefully be done with it in a few weeks. I went to an FM specialist who takes a more natural approach and a Chinese “medicine man” and spent 3 hours with them. I have such a clearer understanding of what has been going on in my brain and body all these years.

All my years of drug abuse, emotional trauma, eating disorders, alcoholism (9 years sober!!) and taking so many different medications has made my brain go haywire. I read a great description of what’s going on with my brain which helped me to explain it to people, because it seems that many people, like I, can’t fathom what FM is or the effects it can have on people. It’s like a circuit breaker that has been overloaded and shut down but mine, due to the above mentioned, won’t reset. You can’t just flip the switch back.  My brain is basically offline! The medication I was taking made it go into hyper overdrive and I felt like I was wonder woman. This gave me a false sense of energy and many days I would do way too much and then the next day I would have such severe muscle spasms, migraines and my neck hurt constantly.  It seemed like I couldn’t even talk to more than one person at a time because it was just too much stimuli for me. I couldn’t listen to music, be in the sun or go near crowds.  It’s been almost 4 weeks since I have been off the meds and I finally feel like I can think, pray, read my Bible and listen to worship music again.

I am so grateful that I cried out to the Lord when I did because I know this is His plan for me right now. I am still fighting bouts of fatigue and my muscles are still in knots and the spasms only come in the evening. I haven’t had a migraine in 2 days and that is huge! When I stopped the meds I had a migraine for almost 3 weeks and horrible vertigo, vomiting and ringing in my ears. Next week I go back to the doctor to get all my blood work back and I am interested to see what else has been going on in my body. The Chinese medicine man is mixing me up a batch of herbal supplements that I have to drink in tea and it supposedly tastes like old tires. I am so excited to be getting my life back that old tires seems pretty tasty to me right now.



  1. Ann said,

    wow, you’ve been thru so much! i have a friend in singapore who swears by her chinese practitioner. may God continue to heal you from the inside out, and may He continue to bless you and love you through your amazing husband! 🙂

  2. Jeanie said,

    Hey Rachel – I know that God’s plans are to use this in some AMAZING way in others lives. It may be that it’s your “thorn” for the time being, but you are incredibly strong and resilient and I know that you will use this trial to bring others to a better knowledge of our Saviour. That’s in your new nature. I am praying for you! Give Kenny a hug from me (and Kiku too:) Love you. Jeanie

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