Can God really use me?

May 2, 2009 at 1:52 pm (My ramblings)

This question and others similar to it have been boggling the minds of Christians for what seems like an eternity.  We feel like God can use everyone else but not us because of what we’ve done or not done.  We think things like, “how could I possibly minister to anyone or help them out when I am struggling with so many issues?” How can the Lord use someone like me when I keep falling into the same sins again and again?  How can I share the Gospel with anyone since they know what my issues are?” These questions and many others have plagued Christians long enough. I myself used to struggle with this until I really grasped the grace of God by reading and studying the Bible.  There are so many messed up people in the Bible, it’s like reading a soap opera.  So many of our “heroes” of the Bible committed horrible sins and failed many times yet these are the very people that God used.  

So much has been written about the failings of David, Moses, Sampson, so many of them I won’t take the time to list, but what about the people God does use? He chose a young virgin to carry the Messiah. How incredible is that? A young girl who was never heard of, had no real significance that we know of, yet she gets to carry the Christ-child?  What about the announcement of Jesus coming into the world? A host of angels appeared to some shepherds out in a field to make the most important announcement in the world and the Lord chose to do this to some lowly shepherds.  I myselflove Rahab. She is definitely a bad girl gone good.  (very much like me)  She was a prostitute yet God spared her family.  When Joshua sent spies to check out the Promised Land, they went to her and she hid them. She told them that she had heard what God did for the Israelites (led them out Egypt) and she asked them to spare her family when the Israelites would come in and kill all the ickyites (that’s my nickname for the Hittites, Canaanites, Jebusites, etc).  They told her to put a scarlet robe out of her window and by doing that, they would not go into her house and annihilate her family.  Sound familiar? A acarlet robe, why not green or purple or blue? Don’t miss the significance of the color red.  The very same color was painted on the doorposts to spare the Israelites from the death angel. Imagine that! The same blood that saved the Israelites, God’s chosen people, would also be the same blood that would save a prostitute and her family. Rahab ended up living with the Israelites.  How amazing that God would use her when the world would think she was unusable.

I talk to so many people who are walking around in condemnation and it is so easy for us to get down on ourselves and think that God can’t use us.  The truth is God wants to use us. He needs to use us.  We have so much to offer but the enemy tries to pursuade us in thinking that we don’t.  I am a recovering addict and alcoholic amongst many other things.  I am proof of the grace of God.  God is using my horrible past and sins and failures to bring glory to Himself.  Who better to help an addict or alcoholic than me?  Yet, if I felt shame about my past or didn’t understand grace, I could very well keep it all a secret and in doing that, end up not sharing the hope we have in Christ.  If God can use a prostitute like Rahab or a drunk like me, than there is no doubt in my mind that He can use anyone. We have to remember that God has a plan for our lives and if our focus is on Him and His grace and mercy and not on our failures or shortcomings, then and only then can He use us.  I pray that we would walk around in God’s grace, knowing and being 100% convinced of His absolutely crazy love for us because that’s when we will realize that no matter how we feel or what we are going through, we are here to further His kingdom and bring Him glory.  Today, I pray that we walk in the grace of God knowing that He can and will use us.



  1. Simone said,

    Amen! It is so awesome when God takes people’s lives, our lives, as his trophies of grace and can use us to minister to others. Also that he wants to, even needs to. Which is mindboggling but awesome!

  2. Lynne Power said,

    I tGoogled the words “Lord, speak to me” and your blog came up….I clicked on “Can God really use me?” Ad the words that you wrote were sent by Him to me! I am slated to speak at a Ladies Conference in three days…and my thought processes have been “Who am I to speak to these ladies,… after all I am still struggling with the very issues that I am to talk about … bitterness from a wound will steal your love for Jesus. I have experienced such a sweetness from your words.Thank you for sharing your beautiful life! I also received a great deliverance from a sin addiction…I’m a dancer and it was nine years of Bulimia that he saved me from! Please pray for me for this Sunday. PS I like you already!!!

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