The Proposal!

December 27, 2008 at 10:45 am (My ramblings)

I can’t believe Ken proposed!! I am usually very discerning but I was totally clueless! He is good! Anyways, here is the story of how he did it.

dsc_1262He ordered 12 Precious Moments statues and for the 12 days of Christmas, he changed the name to the 12 days of Rachel (what girl can resist that?!) So each day, I got a present. They were absolutely adorable and each one had a significant meaning. One of them was Belle from Beauty and the Beast and she is sitting on top a stack of books (I love to read) and Ken had them paint on it, (Dream BIG dreams) because those are 3 words that he always says to me. (well, that and I love you!) Another one is a little girl and in her hand is a tiny Tinkerbell and he gave that one to me because he thinks that sometimes I am on pixie dust. Just kidding, it’s cause I am so random and goofy and happy.  Another one is a little boy with his hands stretched out really far apart and Ken had them paint on it, I love Rachel.  Another one has a little girl and boy dancing together and Ken had them paint on it, It’s Your Love because that is one of our love songs. Isn’t he so romantic?!?!

So, on Christmas Eve, he came over and opened up my gifts to him then we went to Clyde’s for dinner (which is where he took me on our first date to let me know his intentions of wanting to court me) and I was glad that this time I wasn’t nervous so I could enjoy my crabcake! So after dinner, we go to his house and I noticed that there are no cars in the driveway which is kind of unusual because when we walked in the sunroom the fireplace was on. (I said to myself, oooooh Bill is in big dsc_1292trouble for leaving the fireplace on!) When Ken opened the door into the house, there were vases all over the floor with pink carnations in them and candles lit all over the place too. There was music playing and it was our love songs on a CD that the lovely Julie (his daughter) made for us. I still had no idea that he was going to propose but I was so overcome by his love for me that I cried for about 15-20 minutes while he held me. He thought I knew he was going to propose but I was clueless. I was so utterly overwhelmed because I have never been loved the way this incredible man loves me that I couldn’t even talk. He asked me a few times if I wanted to open my present and I shushed him!

Finally, I was able to stop crying and could breathe normally again and he handed me a box and told me that this one was a silly gift. I opened it and it was a little boy on his knees proposing to Snow White and Ken had them paint on it, dsc_13121Will You Marry me!!! I was so shocked that I just sat there and stared at it. He asked me if I read what was on it and asked me for the answer a few times! I was still in shock! The he brought out this little princess box and it had a ring in it and he told me it wasn’t real but it would have to do until we bought one! It was beautiful and it fits! Inside the box cover it read, A princess is sweet and charming too, a princess is special just like you.









Yesterday we went shopping and found the ring!!! The only bummer is it has to be sized so I don’t get it for a few days!


It is absolutely beautiful. I guess for now, I will be wearing my plastic one though! I am the luckiest girl in the world and I am so grateful to the Lord for so many things I can’t even begin to thank Him. He knew exactly what I needed in a man and exactly what Ken needed in a woman and I believe that He gave us to each other as a gift. It is so like God to work this miracle in both of our lives and we are so grateful to Him. Pray that our lives would always reflect the love of Christ.



  1. Ame said,


    SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Marian said,

    Isn’t God so very, very good? I am so happy for the two of you I can hardly stand it!! Love you both (even if I haven’t met you in person, Rachel!!) and look forward to seeing you in a few days.

  3. Carmen said,

    BEAUTIFUL… what a nice begining to your new life together and ending to a journey of years in the past with sufferings and trials but with God in your hearts…. HE helped you go thru… now happiness and dedication to HIM with eachother…forever and ever….God Bless you both… so excited for you too!!! Love you guys…

  4. Sherri said,

    I am so happy for you! What a beautiful proposal and days leading up to it! Praying the best for your life together!

  5. Debbie said,

    GIrl, tears! TEARS! PRaise God! Girl, your testimoney really, really REALLY helps me out. WHen you said that you had never been loved like that – tears – the way he propsed and loves you – tears – what a real, love story. Only one our creator could make. Thanks for sharing. Truly, thank you for giving me some hope this day!

  6. Paty said,

    I am so happy for you!!!! Your life is a true testimony of the beautiful jewel (princess?) the work of the Lord can transform us into, when we give Him control and surrender to HIM! Congratulations to both of you and may Jesus be glorified in your engaged and married lives as it has been until now, love you Miss Pookie!

  7. Toya said,

    Hey Rach!

    God is so AWESOME!! What a beautiful story of His incredible love for you both! Looking forward to the big day and all God’s special plans for you two.

    Love you!

  8. John said,

    Congratulations Rachel!!!

    God’s timing is impeccable…sounds like Kens’ is pretty good, too 🙂

  9. staceylewis said,

    Score one for the good guys, Rach! I was so touched to read your proposal story. Ken sounds like 1 in a million.

    Many, many blessings.

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