Get Out of My Way!!!

August 7, 2008 at 8:51 pm (My ramblings)

I couldn’t resist putting this picture on here because some days I wish I had this stuck on my windshield!

I mean, if you are in the fast lane, you need to go fast! Get out of the way if you can’t hang! You’re acting all nervous anyway, I can see you up there white knuckling the steering wheel wishing I wasn’t coming up behind you! Isn’t it easier to just move over instead of holding your ground and saying, “well, I am going the speed limit and if that idiot doesn’t like it, he (or in my case, she) can just go around me!”  Didn’t you read the driving handbook? It says, move over when you see Rachel’s car coming. It is quite simple really. Turn on right turn signal. Look over right shoulder. If there is no oncoming car, get out of my way and get in the left lane. Once you see a silver blur go by, you may get back in the fast lane and start the whole process all over again.


  1. John said,

    I want one of those stickers! The left lane is for PASSING not sightseeing! And, no…it’s not for passing that car three miles ahead of you. MOVE OVER!

    There. I have ranted. I have vented. I’m fine now 🙂

  2. Jeanie Euler said,

    You are hilarious! I cannot wait to meet you. I am Aunt Jeanie. These are my sentiments exactly…. yup, even last week – AFTER I got a speeding ticket 🙂

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