The Rebelution

July 27, 2008 at 7:15 am (Faith, My ramblings) (, , )

Yesterday I went to the Rebelution, Do Hard Things conference at church and I wanted to jot down a few notes that I wrote in my journal.  The 2 young men who started this, Alex and Brett Harris, are amazing and they are changing the world. The basis for the Rebelution is “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.” I love that! These young men are not accepting the labels and limitations put on teenagers today but are changing the world and to the glory of God. Wow, what a concept! I knew the Lord would speak to me although I am way beyond my teenage years and He did. Everything these young men talked about can be applied to everyone’s life, no matter what the age.

Here are some of the notes I wrote down as they were talking:

  • Are my expectations of myself and other people to low?
  • Whose expectations am I living by? Our culture? Other people? My family?
  • Our ceiling [of expectations] is where the floor should be
  • Don’t let other people put you in their mold
  • We are susceptible to low expectations
  • Our culture expects only the minimal from us
  • Am I stuck in my own comfort zone?
  • Am I too satisfied that I am complacent?
  • We will become who we strive to become. Am I striving to become more like Christ?

They also gave 7 “Do Hard Things” that we need to do in order to have a Do Hard Things mentality:

  1. Fight sin in your life.
  2. Battle discouragement and complacency.
  3. Do more than is required [expected] – Rebel against low expectations.
  4. Get over your fear of failure: Fail while doing it greatly. Failure is never wasted and it’s ok to fail at the “hard things.”
  5. Looks different for each person: we are all gifted by God with unique gifts designed specifically for His purposes.
  6. Do small things: For the glory of God and not recognition of man.
  7. Live your best life – not the easiest or most comfortable.

During one of the sessions, their father shared on a very important portion of Scripture that God used in my life several years ago. Although at the moment of my salvation, I was broken, I really didn’t realize what complete brokenness was until God used Ezekiel 36:25-27 to speak to me. I will write a separate post on that soon. But their dad spoke about how there are so many people who look like Christians, speak like Christians and who know how they are supposed  to “act” like Christians. He challenged the teens and asked if they were done pretending and if they were ready to have a heart change and accept the Lord into their hearts and lives. (That was my paraphrase by the way). He asked them to stand up if they are ready and although it took a little while, one by one, people stood up. The presence of God was moving through the church and we were praying and doing some serious warfare. He then called them to come up front and as the minutes passed by, people kept going up there. He also called them up if they waned to recommit to following the Lord and soon there were several hundred teens up there. I was sitting pretty close to the front and as they were returning to their seats, I watched some of their faces. I saw true repentance and brokenness and I felt such an incredible feeling in my heart and soul as I knew their lives would never be the same. I watched fathers walking back with their sons and saw the tears of joy. I can’t help but to think back to my salvation at times like this. How merciful God was and continues to be. We then sang Amazing Grace and I couldn’t even sing for most of the song. The words are so beautiful and being a former wretch, I can truly appreciate what the Cross means. Without it, there is nothing. With it, there is everything.


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  1. Hannah Michelle said,

    I was also at the conference last weekend! It’s nice to hear from an adult’s perspective, because I know this message is not something I will ever out-grow the need for. The response after Mr. Harris’s session made me so grateful and humble for the touch of God in my own life.

    Thanks to your church for hosting this event! I had the opportunity to meet Josh Harris (I know Alex & Brett) and he seems like a very kind and godly man. 🙂

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