Why me Lord?

June 27, 2008 at 5:48 am (My ramblings)

There are days when I am totally astounded at the things the Lord is doing in my life.  Just when I think life can’t get any better, it does! I received an incredible blessing yesterday and as I was thanking God, I kept asking Him, over and over, why me Lord? My life so full of joy and peace when there are so many others who are hurting so badly.  I can’t help but be awed by it. Several years ago a friend told me that God has His hand on me and has shown me favor and at that time, I didn’t really get it. I know He has His hand on all of us but I really feel it. I am beginning to understand the truth in that statement. And just so you know, that certainly doesn’t mean my life is easy, perfect or without trials. It means knowing the Lord is there with me every step of the way and with every breath I take and that He has absolute control of my life. There is a comfort and security in knowing that He is sovereign and that all the days of my life have been ordained from the beginning of time. In Jeremiah 1, it says before I formed you, I knew you. The Hebrew word that is used for “knew” is an intimate knowing. Can you imagine? The Creator of the universe knowing us intimately? To know that He spent time forming us and giving us each certain gifts and characteristics and our personalities. I know that some of that comes from our experiences and upbringing but I like to think He gave me my wacky sense of humor! 

I am so excited to be going on vacation tomorrow. I haven’t had one in about 5 years and I need it desperately. I was going to go back to Africa in on a mission trip and I really felt like God did not want me to go. I argued for about 4 months with Him, which doesn’t even make sense since He always wins! I sought wisdom from several people because I really, really wanted to go and I had so many people tell me not to. I am very thankful now because although I am a missions junkie, you can’t give what you ain’t got. I am tired. I need to be rejuvenated and I am so looking forward to some time at the beach with my brother, sister in law and their 4 kids. I know you must be thinking how can you rest with 4 kids!! I can because I am the Auntie and all I have to do is play. I am so grateful for them and that I see them all the time because they bring incredible joy to my life. 

So I will be out of the blogosphere for a week or so. I am sure I will have lots to blog about when I get back and lots of pictures to post.


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