Pleurisy stinks!

May 3, 2008 at 7:36 am (My ramblings)

I am going on my 5th week recuperting from pleurisy and I gotta tell you, it ain’t been fun. For the last month I have been on 4 different meds and I was doing really well until last week. I don’t know what the deal is. Every time I take a breath, which is pretty often, I feel this stabbing pain in my chest and my left lung. I went back to the doctor again last week and she told me once again how long it takes to heal from this. She said the lungs take a very long time to heal because they never get a break. I have been on some heavy duty pain killers but they make me talk incessantly (yes, even more than I already talk!) and they make me goofy so I am not going to take them anymore. She told me to try Tylenol and see if that helps. She also put me on the steroid pack and said hopefully that will get the inflammation in my lung down. If it doesn’t help then I have to have a CT scan.

I am so frustrated because it is so beautiful outside and I am raring to start working out again. It feels like it has been forever but she said I could do no excercise that will make me breathe deep. Well, that cancels everything! I tried to some Tai Chi this morning but that wasn’t a good idea!

I am frustrated as I feel like I have been battling physical issues for so long. First all the knee surgeries (4 of them) which praise God is doing much better. The partial knee replacement is holding up well and when the pain came back several months ago, I realized I was working out too hard. My doctor scolded me and reminded me that I could not do step aerobics with an artificial knee and gave me a shot of cortisone in it which helped. Party pooper!  

I know the Lord has a plan in all this and I can already see that I have become more compassionate and empathetic towards people with physical ailments. I used to just think in my mind, get over it already but now am realizing that our bodies are defintely wasting away! I can’t wait to get to heaven, although I am in no rush to get there! Perfect bodies, streets made of chocolate…. I mean gold………




  1. Hulda said,

    Hi Rachel,

    am praying for you to get well. Enjoyed reading your posts.
    Blessings n prayers,

  2. Toya said,

    Hey Rachel!

    IT’s been awhile, but really praying that you get better!


  3. Jack said,

    Hello Rachel,

    I don’t really know what to say.

    I fight and struggle and seek God every single day, and every day I have to remind myself to thank Him for being my Daddy. (I call Him “Daddy Daddy”, like little Hebrew kids say “Abba Father”… “Abba Abba!…Daddy Daddy!”

    I have had a pretty rough time of it as a kid too; sought out some pretty dysfunctional ways of handling my issues. Now I have three kids who need me to NOT be a screw up like my parents were to me, so I don’t let them see my darkness…they think I’ve got it all together and that I’m awesome and “pretty cool (for a parent)” no matter how unawesome I know I am.

    Tonight I asked God to speak to me; tonight I have really been feeling really stressed. So I opened my Bible and read some stuff, but didn’t seem to get any answers, so I Googled “Lord, speak to me” and came across your website. It was nice to read your words and to know that there are other people in the world truly seeking Him and yet struggling with their own issues, just like me. I had a spontaneous pneumothorax (in hospital for 10 weeks) so I totally understand the pleurisy thing.

    I think what I want to say, is that God has been with me every inch of the way through every hardship I have faced. I have experienced significant abuse as a child (physically, psychologically and sexually) by people (including my parents) who had no clue what they were doing. About 12 years ago my only sibling committed suicide at 34 years of age (I still think about him every day). 3 months later my wife decided that that would be a great time to end our marriage. Lost our house, lost everything except the kids. Still living in poverty today, 12 years later.

    I think that what I also want to say is that you’re not alone, but you already knew that. As I read your words, I can really identify with them.

    I’m sorry I don’t have a load of answers to give you, just a load more questions. All I have to offer is to encourage you to keep seeking God as you have been; I think you’re on the right track.

    God bless you and keep you. Keep in touch, if you want.


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