Letter from Swaziland, Africa

May 1, 2008 at 4:54 am (My ramblings)

I love coming home from work and finding a letter from one of my child sponsors. I am avid supporter of World Vision and sponsor 2 beautiful little girls. One in India named Nakshatra and Ntombikayise in Africa. It is with such joy that I write letters and send them little things.  I get a report card each year on their grades in school and their health and an updated picture. It is exciting and encouraging that amongst all the poverty, these 2 little girls are getting bigger and bigger! Ntombikayise or Tombi as I call her, is a Hope Child because she is in an area where AIDS/HIV is rampant.  I pray I get to meet both of them someday.

Here is the letter from Tombi:

I am very glad to receive a letter coming from you. I think God is with you as He has done to me. God keeps on doing great things for me. I am very happy to receive a purse, pen, stickers and a card. May God bless you. I will use the pen when writing my school work. Your gift makes me to have a feeling of you and I need to see you as time goes on.  I think God will continue blessing you are your family.  Thank you.   

Isn’t that great? It warms my heart so much and I love how she writes and uses grammar. Would you consider sponsoring a child today? Is $30 a month too much to ask to save a life? My girls not only get to eat and have shelter, they are getting an education that will allow them to grow up and become something and change their country.  They are also learning about God and Jesus Christ, how cool is that? Please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you sponsor a child. Click on this link and be a world changer today!


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