Where have I been??

March 3, 2008 at 6:59 pm (My ramblings)

It’s so funny how time whizzes by.  Today was my first day at my new job and it was exciting. I used to work at the same company 4 years ago so it was cool to feel like I was back home and see so many old friends. I forgot what’s it like to work in the professional field and I felt like a little girl in a grown up suit! Everyone there looks so polished and I feel so frumpy! I am not too concerned with my hair and make up and accessories but it seemed like everyone was dressed so perfectly.  I am going to a conference in Boca Raton in April (I know, don’t pity me!) and I found out that there will be a very formal awards banquet and dinner our last night there. When I asked what type of clothes I should bring I was told I needed a fancy dress like a cocktail dress. Oh mylanta! My first thought was “I gotta wear pantyhose???” I hate pantyhose like I hate lipstick! I don’t even own any! The things I have to endure! It will actually be fun to get all dressed up.  I will be meeting lots of people and networking the whole time there.  How fun!



  1. Ame said,

    Ummm … panty hose in Boca? Are you SURE? You might want to check that out. I can see them having a formal and wanting to show off their legs down there withOUT panty hose!!! (just what i remember about growing up in florida ;). Oh, darn, … guess you’ll need to go shopping!

  2. Toya said,


    Maybe and DArby and I can help you pick a cute dress out.

  3. faithwalk said,

    Rachel, I cracked up reading this as I started a new job well actually my first real job as we were self employed and all I’d done besides was contract work for a flooring company and volunteer EMT for the Fire Dept. besides ministry of course!
    Now I’m in sales and have to dress up more, wear makeup every day etc…

    Be blessed in your new adventure and enjoy the job, but never forget who you are in Christ and be very aware of getting caught up in the illusion of wealth and power.

    Jesus love and grace to you!


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