Drama, drama, drama

February 29, 2008 at 8:11 am (My ramblings)

I feel like a teenager again because of all the drama I have had this week. I won’t go into it all here but praise the Lord it’s Friday and I start my new job Monday. One of the things I had to deal with was having an emergency root canal on Wednesday. I went in to have a temporary filling taken care of and the dentist x-rayed it and said I had a massive infection in it because my tooth was cracked and I needed a root canal. I have cracked several of my teeth grinding them at night.  Since I don’t insurance yet, it cost me $1500. I tell you, get one thing paid off and something else pops up. For a split second, I thought maybe I shouldn’t go to Africa this year but then I thought that just because our circumstances change, doesn’t mean God’s will has. I will push through it and have faith that I will be able to raise all the funds to go.

Enough complaining though. I am babysitting my 2 nieces and 2 nephews tonight while my brother takes his lovely wife to a bed and breakfast in Lancaster, PA.  They have not been away without the kids in the 10 years they have been married so I found them a nice little romantic place and told them I would sleep over and watch the kids so they could go away. It was funny because I thought my brother would argue with me about going and when I asked him, he said ok, he didn’t even think about it. It is going to be awesome for them. Pray for me though! The kids are 9, 7, 5 and 2 1/2. The youngest one is a smart, sassy cookie and she is into everything! She likes to drop things into the toaster and down the toilet.  The hard thing is listening to them all talking to me at the same time. I will have to find something fun for us to do. They are all very artsy and talented so I may go to the craft store to get us all a project. I think we will make something for mom and dad.



  1. Ame said,

    haven’t been ignoring you … just waiting till my kids went to their dad’s to come and visit 🙂

    as a mom, i’m LOL over the ages of those kids! you must have had quite a night! we were married 11 yrs b4 having kids, and we watched the young children of a couple once when they went on an overnight retreat. GA-WASH!!! that was a shock of a weekend! (and the youngest was potty-training – still not my fav thing to do!)

    sorry about the root canal – i’ve had so many i can’t even remember how many crowns i have. and i grind my teeth terribly at night, too, from stress. i’ve had so much work done in my mouth that i swear it’s the most expensive and depreciating part of my body!!!

  2. Rachel said,

    It was a blast but man, motherhood is demanding! I actually thought about you and all the other single parents because it was really hard work. I think that all the single people in church should babysit for all single parents and couples so ya’ll can get a break! You deserve it.

  3. Ame said,

    I think if people started to volunteer to help me, I’d just start crying. It’s so rare. How precious of you to think of me.

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