Back to the Garden

February 10, 2008 at 7:45 am (My ramblings)

I started a new Bible last week on the Tabernacle so I have been reading in the Old Testament a lot.  I love the OT. I remember when I first became a Christian and starting reading the Bible.  I would read through Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers and think, what the heck is that all about??? I was always confused by it and then once I was in Bible college, I had to take a course on the OT and absolutely fell in love with it! I still don’t get everything in it, probably never will but it is so cool how the OT points to Jesus.

Anyways, I was reading the account of the garden and trying to put myself there and think of what I would do.  This perfect, lovely garden with a fine hunk of a man while God was walking around. Boggles my mind.  Complete perfection, yet something in them still wanted more.  They had it all.  They did not sin because of their circumstances.  They made a choice and that one choice forever changed not only their lives but the lives of every single person since.  We think that when we sin people won’t see it and it won’t hurt anyone but that is not true. I am still paying for the sins of my fathers from long ago. I wrote a post about Achan and how his sins affected everyone.  I love Joshua 24:15 and most Christians can quote it, “Choose this day whom you will serve…” What a reminder that the choice to serve God needs to be made daily.  Heck, for me, sometimes it’s hourly, especially once I get on the highway!  Making a choice is a deliberate act of the will, it will not happen unless you choose to make it happen.  I would like to also say that by not making a choice, you are still making a choice.  (Ponder that one!)

Today, I will choose to serve the Lord.  I will choose to love the people around me no matter how much they may get on my last nerve.  I will choose to have compassion and express the love of Christ.  I will choose to focus on the lovely and pure. I will choose to commit my way to the Lord.



  1. Ame said,

    Yes, you are wise. This life is just not simply about “Me.” All of our choices affect another.

    It was about five years after he began his quest with prostitutes that my ex finally fessed up. He told me, “I kept wanting to tell you, but I knew that I would hurt you.” What he never *got* was that he hurt me WHEN he researched and slept with them, not simply when he told me.

    If there’s one thing I try to drill into my girls it’s this concept … that every choice they make, for good or bad, affects more than just them.


    Often I have wondered why there wasn’t even ONE person in my lineage who loved me enough to make the tough choices. I want those who follow me to know that there was one person who loves them enough to make the tough choices. My counselor often told me that God will choose someone to be a “bridge” from the past generations who dishonor Him to the future generation who do honor Him … and He chose me to be that “bridge” in my lineage. Kinda awe-inspiring when you think of it that way. Good thing it’s God building that bridge through me, and not simply me! I’d have it ALL screwed up!!!!!!!

  2. Steve said,

    Yes choices are very important. We must make them all the time ( I once heard that we make like 500 choices a day, maybe more). I too choose to serve the Lord my God every day of my life. It might be in the little things, like holding the door open for a little old lady. Or it might be in the big things like deciding to move or change jobs. Whatever it may be I just pray with all my heart that I make the choices for the Kingdom of God.

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