Family Fun

January 23, 2008 at 7:33 pm (My ramblings)

Saturday was one of nieces 7th birthday. We had a party for her at a children’s gym and it was the absolute best kids birthday party I ever went to. It was all about running around, excercising and of course totally focused on the birthday girl, which of course, she loved! She loves being the center of the attention (I swear she doesn’t get p1020305.jpgthat from me…must be from her crazy grandmother, see picture of grandma jumping on trampoline).  Anyways, one of the reasons it was so much fun was because I played with them too! Most of the adults were sitting off the side but since I am obsessed with my camera and taking a bajillion pictures, I was in the middle of the action. There was dancing, tug of war, rock climbing, jousting and so much more. We jumped on a trampoline, yes I did too. I tried to look like I was one of the kids and almost got away with it! When the jousting part came, the birthday girl, Alana, had to stand on top of this Alana knocking around her baby sister, Aminaround cylinder thing with another person and     knock them off. They let her pick her first contender and she picked her baby sister Amina who is only 2 1/2!!! We all cracked up and thought Alana must really want to knock out her little sister but she was very gentle with her.

When it was done, they told Alana she could pick someone else to knock out and off and guess who she picked!? Yep, me. Her favorite auntie in the whole wide world. It was so much fun and she did knock me off and rather quickly too!

I love my family so much. I can’t believe that before I gave my life to Jesus they would hardly speak to me. Who could blame them? I wasn’t the person I am today. I was never around, I couldn’t be counted on or trusted for anything. I was too busy partying and doing my own thing. I am so thankful that the Lord restored my relationships with them and sometimes I can’t believe how absolutely lucky I am to have so many brothers I love and 2 nieces and 2 nephews that I adore! My mom, well, we will just save that for an entire post one day. God performed a miracle in our relationship and restored it beyond my wildest imagination.

Here are some pictures and unfortunately no one took any of me while I was getting jousted off but that’s because they were too busy rolling around on the floor laughing at me. Life is short. Have fun. Live a little. Who cares who’s watching…

p1020321.jpg  gavin-on-wall.jpg  p1020317.jpg  amina.jpg  gavin.jpg  p1020333.jpg  alana2.jpg  


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