Who Are You?

January 18, 2008 at 6:10 pm (My ramblings)

So, who are you? How did you get to my blog? I had 46 hits on here last night and only one posted a comment. It’s easy to comment and for those of you who don’t know how to, here are the instructions:

Look at the end of any post, you see where it says “comment”? Click on it and voila! Fill it out and that’s all there is to it! Let me know how you got to my blog too and where you are from, Thanks!



  1. David said,

    Hi Rachel,
    I’m a frequent visitor to your blog. Glad to see you came over to WordPress! Look forward to hearing more from you. I’m still in limbo as to what to do with GritsNGrace.


  2. paul said,

    Welcome to your new site. I love how you think, how you write, and your energy and passion for the Lord. It’s a welcome grin to each day.

  3. Ame said,

    I must have come here through John at Read My Mind, who, if I remember correctly, came to my blog through McSwain at Hildebrand Road 🙂

    Fun how we mix and mingle out here in cyberspace!

  4. Ame said,

    Oh, and I *think* McSwain and I met a looong time ago through Zane at Big White Hat … or the other way around … either way, I think BWH is somehow mixed in there … but I think Martie at In the Middle~Mad Hatter, also comments at McSwains. Oh well, we’re all mixed into the fun somehow!

  5. John said,

    John: “Hi everybody. I’m John and I’m addicted to commenting. ”

    Everybody: “Welcome John”

    John: “I came here on my own accord…No! It’s not a Honda.”

    Everybody: “Whew! For a second there….”

    John: “Commenting is not a bad addiction, as long as you mean what you say.”

    Everybody: “So?”

    John: ” So, come here and comment on Rachel’s wonderful blog or I’ll sick Guido on you.”

    Everybody; “Guido???”

    John: “The End”

  6. faithwalk said,

    Rachel, I am glad that you made the move! It’s always easier for some reason to comment on other wordpress blogs, plus now I can add you to my blogroll! Yea!

    May the Lord bless you!


  7. faithwalk said,

    And David, I miss you over at Grits n Grace!!!!!!

  8. McSwain said,

    Hi, I’m McSwain. See above friends in common.

  9. McSwain said,

    McSwain realized she had her url wrong above. Yikes.

  10. Lana said,

    Hi Rachel,

    Just popping in to say hello! What a nice blog you have! I’ll have to tell Dave that you have a link to Northpoint. Dave is a crazy Andy Stanley fan! See you later, Lana

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