How Great is Our God

November 5, 2007 at 11:27 am (My ramblings)

I woke up this morning singing, How great is our God, sing with me, how great is our God and all the earth will sing, how great is our God.
Isn’t it amazing to think about how great He is?! The splendor of the King clothed in majesty, it boggles the mind to think that He loves us so much and wants to spend time with us. How can our hearts not want to sing praises to Him? I am so glad that He put a new song in my mouth!
My mom came to church with me yesterday, which is a miracle considering she is a die-hard Catholic. She prays the rosary every morning and believes that Protestants are crazy. When I first gave my life to the Lord, she made fun of me and used to walk around and yell out Hallelujah in a derogatory way. It used to really hurt me then I realized that it wasn’t me she was making fun of, it was my Savior. She doesn’t do that anymore and I think she has finally realized that Jesus has changed me in ways no one else ever could. He took this hopeless, depressed alcoholic and gave me joy and a reason to live. She sees how much the Lord has changed me over the last 6 years and there is no denying it. Sitting next to her in church yesterday made me a little nervous. She has never really saw me or other people worshiping the Lord while singing to Him. I closed my eyes and did what I normally do, which is lift my hands up. My boss opened in prayer after we sang How Great is our God and was talking about creation and how God has His hand in all the beautiful colors of the leaves. I was trying hard to focus but I wanted to see my mom’s reaction and it looked like she was definitely thinking about it. During the service she actually read out loud several of the Scriptures and I couldn’t believe it! I about fell out of my chair. The message was about lifting our hands in worship and I will admit I didn’t think she would understand. Thankfully, the Lord knew exactly what she needed to hear because He picked that day to open her heart and come with me. After the service she told my boss that she liked it and never thought about her hands in that way before. It was amazing. I am praying and having faith that God will open her heart up and that one day she will fall so madly in love with the Lord like I have. I can’t wait until she gets rid of religion and enters that wonderful place of relationship. There will be much rejoicing that day!


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