More pics

August 12, 2007 at 9:38 pm (Africa)

Between my facebook and being sick all weekend, I feel like I am never going to get to blog my trip! Here are a few more pictures. This is the church we went to and it is right in the squatters camp where we ministered. We went to service there too and it lasted several hours! It was great, the preacher would preach for a few minutes then we would sing for a while, then back to preaching then back to singing! It was awesome!

This is where we were doing vbs and praying with the kids. They are so cute!

We did alot of servant evangelism and we got water for some people but we had a really hard time carrying the water. The women carry it on top of their heads but I didn’t want to risk breaking my neck! They really enjoyed laughing at us carrying and spilling it all over the place.

We also helped to do laundry and one day, we were walking by a man doing laundry and he told us he heard we were there so we could wash everyone’s clothes. It was so funny, he was laughing but when we told him we wanted to, he would not let us. He said he promised his wife that HE would do it!

My 2 girls.


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  1. Maggie said,

    Wow. These are awesome pics. What’s the story with the trash piles?

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