4 more days!

July 16, 2007 at 9:47 am (Africa, My ramblings)

I can’t believe I leave for Africa in 4 days! Actually we will be in Texas for a few days at Teen Mania doing leadership training and then our teens will arrive and we will have a few more days of training then we head to Africa. We leave from Texas, then go to Chicago and then back home to Dulles then off to Africa. Airplane time is about 20 hours and that doesn’t include the layovers. Please pray for our team, we are taking 21 teens and 6 leaders and many of them have never even been on an airplanee. I bought all sorts of puzzle books and cards so hopefully that will keep them busy on the plane. They may actually have talk to each other or read a book!
I know without a doubt that God is going to do extraordinary things and I am so excited. Yesterday the leaders got together and prayed and it was awesome. I prayed for us to have an abundance of faith and that the lame would walk, the blind would see, the deaf would hear and that redemption would rock Africa!

My ladies summer Bible study ended yesterday and we had a little party. It was great. Not only do these women learn to love their Savior more but they get to connect with other women and share what’s on their hearts. We did a Bible study on breaking free from strongholds and to listen to them open up and share their struggles with one another was amazing.
When I get back from Africa I will be doing a Bible study on the fruits of the spirit and also one for Sr High teens. I have really enjoyed hanging out with these young people and it has been very eye opening for me. I am so grateful that God can use my horrid past and my mistakes to help me minister and share with these young women.
Saturday, July 14, it was my 6 year anniversary for being sober but most importantly, it was also my anniversary for making the best decision of my entire life. I surrendered my life to my Creator that day. I am in awe of all the things the Lord has done in my life in just 6 years. I really need to write about it and I am going to before I leave on Friday.


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