The Call

July 9, 2007 at 10:15 pm (My ramblings)

What a weekend! It took us (me) 11 hours to drive to Tennessee but almost 14 hours to get home yesterday! I am so tired but spiritually energized!

The Call was amazing. Imagine tens of thousands of Christians on fire for God praying, weeping, fasting and crying out to God to draw us back to Him. There are almost no words to describe it but I will try to. We worshipped all day, they had many bands and many speakers and testimonies. I don’t think the Tennessee Titan stadium ever had the presence of God in it as it did on Saturday.
One of the main points of this event was to call the nation back to repentance about the decision to legalize abortion. There was a lady who was a doctor who used to perform abortions before becoming a Christian and she could barely get out her words of asking everyone in the stadium for forgiveness, it was truly amazing. There were pastors who were African American, American Indian, Hispanic, etc and they were asked forgiveness for the way we treated them and to hear each one of these groups accept the forgiveness was heart wrenching.
They had many people sharing, one was a couple who adopted a crack baby that the mother just didn’t want. I bawled like a baby.
They also had a time of ministry to women who had abortions and I wept and wept. I had 2 over 20 years ago and I carried so much shame and guilt about it before I came to know and accept Christ’s forgiveness. It ate at me and when I was in my 20’s, I had a miscarriage and I thought God was punishing me by taking my baby since I took the life of 2. I now realized that Satan used that for most of my life to keep me from finding grace and mercy in Christ and I am so thankful I did.
I was able to share with the 2 teens that went with me all this and my testimony and it was amazing. We had many God moments and I hope that what I shared with them and my mistakes will help them.
They also called all pastors, youth pastors and anyone in leadership to come all the way down onto the grass. We prayed for forgiveness about how we are supposed to be the leaders and help turn the nation and this generation around. They shared statistics about online porn addictions and how it is rampant in the church and how the porn industry makes the most revenue when Christians come to events like this by watching x- rated movies in hotels. They told all the people who have ever looked at porn or acted immorally (in thought or action) to ask God for forgiveness and we held our hands over our eyes and made a covenant with God to not look at anything not pure. I was on the grass and I have never, ever seen so many men (and women) broken and openly weeping before their Creator. We got intop small groups and prayed for one another and I know that many chains of bondage were broken that day.
I could go on and on but I am still processing what the Lord was doing in my own heart. I feel like He is calling me to step up and help with this generation more. I have committed to being a world changer, so I know it has to start with me having a pure heart and clean hands and I want to be a woman of integrity. It was so powerful for me to share with these 2 young ladies that although I made mistakes in the past, since I have surrendered my life to Christ, I have made the choice and stuck to being a woman of purity. It is so freeing to not to have to deal with the shame of being immoral anymore and I love that the Holy Spirit can live in a pure, righteous body, not because of anything I have done, but because of what Christ has done in me!!!!
I am rambling so here are a few pictures:

The red tape over the mouth is the trademark of JHop. They exist to raise up a house of prayer (24/7) to contend with every other house that challenges the Lordship and supremecy of Christ over all affairs. They have young people who stand in front of the Supreme Court in DC with the red tape over their mouths and pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for unborn babies and so many other things. They handed out the red tape and the entire stadium was silent with these over our mouths while we prayed silently.


  1. DulceDiana said,

    Sounds like God showed up in a big way! Thank you Lord! We also had an event locally and God spoke so clearly..One Spirit!!

  2. Maggie said,

    awesome to read after so many things to worry about in the news.

    did you read the thursday the first hindu prayer ever is to be read as the Senate convenes?

    And, the pope is apparently insinuating that the church is not the church who are not Catholic.

    A downer news day for me yesterday…thanks for the hope.


  3. Johnnie Ruth Hamill said,

    Glad to hear all the great things that happened at “The Call”. I was reading the Glory of Zion’s trip in their email and some of the same things you said was on their message. I know that God is well pleased with your sharing of your testimony. It is through our testimony that we set other’s free because of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus. Maggie – I saw that about the Hindu prayer being spoken as well. I had not read about the pope. When I read things like this I remember where sin is – grace is much more abounding.

  4. All For Him! said,

    Totally and radically cool!

    I understand and am so encouraged by what your doing for the One. Praise God.

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