The Call

June 23, 2007 at 12:15 pm (My ramblings)

Massive, United Fasting and Prayer Can Shift a Nation…
On 07.07.07, tens of thousands from across America will gather in Nashville to fast, pray and cry out to God for another Great Awakening! It’s time for a new generation to step forward and return to the Lord and to renew our covenant vows of love with Him. Click here to watch the promo video.

This is going to be awesome! I am driving 2 teens to Tennessee to attend this event and we are getting excited! Who says young people are not fired up for Jesus! I wish I could take our whole youth group to this but I can’t. Hopefully they will be fasting and praying for the nation from home. It will take about 10 hours to drive there so pray for us! Half the fun is getting there. I plan on talking with them about sexual purity and boys and stuff. I know they both have godly parents but it’s different to be able to talk to someone else, especially someone like me who did not come to know Christ until I was much older. I am going to share some of the hurts I had to go through and hopefully they will listen. They both respect my opinion and think I am “cool” for a grown up. One of them is also going to Africa with me so it will be a great bonding time for us. She has a heart for Africa and wants to be a missionary there and she is only 16! It is amazing. This is what The Call is all about. Sparking this young generation to do something. They have declared themselves worldchangers and I am so very proud of both of them


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