Busy, Busy, Busy!

May 9, 2007 at 10:09 am (My ramblings)

I have so much to write and not enough time to write it! I have been doing so much homework because I am trying to finish up my classes so I can be done already! I have 5 more classes for my Bachelor’s in Theology, woohoo! It has been an incredible 2 years of online and correspondent classes and I have learned what it means to be disciplined. Although it has been time consuming, it has been awesome! I have learned so much more about the Lord and His Word. My faith has dramatically increased as well.

I am actually praying about whether or not to continue and earn my Master’s in Missions and Evangelism. It would mean one more very long year and a thesis. Even though I love to write, I am tired of writing papers!

I have a meeting tonight with the other leaders for our South Africa trip and I am so excited! I almost couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t believe that we are leaving in 2 months. I still need to get some immunizations. Please pray for our team. We are taking 23 teens and I know this will be a life-changing even for them.
This Friday, we are taking 100 teens to BattleCry! It is going to be alot of fun. Casting Crowns and POD will be there, to name a few bands. I am looking forward to hearing Ron Luce as well. He is the founder of Teen Mania and BattleCry and has a heart for this next generation.
Click here to watch this cool clip…but beware… it may cause you to want to DO something!!!


  1. kenyananalyst said,

    Great blog. Keep the faith.

  2. John Kaiser said,

    Congratulations! Keep up the hard work.

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