My New Favorite Thing-Sudoku

April 23, 2007 at 6:04 pm (My ramblings)

I knew I shouldn’t have bought the sudoko magazine but I am sick of laying around. I have been convalescing at home for the last several days and I guess the loss of my H key was too much for me to bear!

I had the dreaded flu and a sinus infection about 5 weeks ago and I ain’t been right since!
Apparently the little cooties packed up and moved into my lungs so now I have walking pneumonia and bronchitis. That would explain the horrendous TB-like cough I have had for the last few weeks. My lungs feel like they are a couple of sizes too big for my body and my back feels like a sumo wrestler fell on it!
Ok, enough whining about that. I had to out and pick up another RX, so while I was in the store I sauntered over to the magazine rack. That’s when it went down. I picked up a Sudoku puzzle book and now I am obssessed with it! I love word games and crossword puzzles and anything that needs to be figured out and I knew I would like it which is why I have held out this long. I also love it because it’s origins are like mine, Japanese!

I am going to be one of “those” people now who will always have a little pocket size Sudoku book in my purse. You will be honking behind me in your car because I will not be paying attention to the light , which just turned green. I will now be the only person in the doctor’s office who won’t mind being kept waiting by the doctor. I will be sitting in the Starbucks, latte in one hand, sudoko book in the other, with that glazed look in my eyes.

If I get to the point of ordering this, I will voluntarily commit myself!

That’s enough rambling for now, the cool thing about sick is you get to take naps!


  1. John Kaiser said,

    IT is a lot like smoking, but without the nicotine and lung cancer.

  2. Susan / Faithwalk said,

    Rachel I got hooked on Sudoko when I was in California while my mom was going through breast cancer surgery and radiation afterwards.
    Then I started blogging and it fell to the wayside.
    It can be addicting. lol!

    May the Lord touch you with His healing and wholeness! Take good care and rest. It’s a good time to draw close to the Lord.

    Blessings to you,


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