I broke my H key!!

April 21, 2007 at 8:29 pm (My ramblings)

It’s sad…but true. _ere I was just typing away, doing _omework and trying to become t_e woman God created me to be and my _ key got stuck. I tried to fix it by popping it off and guess w_at, t_ey don’t pop off! T_ey break off! I _ave watc_ed my nieces and nep_ews pop t_em off my brot_ers laptop many times! In retrospect, I guess I could _ave stopped t_em but t_ey really seemed to be enjoy popping t_em off!

Now I gotta replace t_e entire keyboard but praise God for Ebay! It’s very c_eap and I can replace it myself. _owever will I survive wit_out my _ key until the new keyboad arrives???

And FYI- if you are tempted to suggest to me to superglue it back on, t_ere is no way I am going to even attempt t_at!!
It is so sad, I can’t even call out for _elp wit_out my _!



  1. smtomkins said,

    Now T”H”AT is too funny!!! Sorry…I guess I’ve spent too much time today doing my “h”omework–with all of my keys!! W”h”at would I do wit”h”out you to lig”h”ten my mood??

    T”h”ank you for the good laug”h”!!


  2. David said,

    Hi Rachel,

    That _ilarious! Great way to start my Monday. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to coming back here often!


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