Spring Break is Over!!!

April 9, 2007 at 9:50 pm (My ramblings)

I feel like I just ended my last 3 classes, how can a new semester be starting for me so soon?!?!

I am taking 3 classes again (don’t ask me why! must be the type A thing again) Anyways, I am taking Youth Counseling, Equipping Believers for Minstry and Leadership Development. I really enjoy learning and have such a hunger to learn the things of God.

I still have to write my final on Islam and terrorism but I think in the back of my mind that if I procrastinate just a little while longer, it may go away. NOT! I am having a hard time formulating my thoughts on that one. That was a great class and I am embarrased to admit to not really knowing anything about Islam. What an eye opener. How can I be effective if I don’t know what I am up against? I took a course on the Kingdom of the Cults last term and that also woke me up. I think sometimes we get stuck in our little churchy world and don’t realize that there is some serious warfare going on out there! We need to be equipped with not only the Sword of the Spirit but with knowledge of what we are fighting against.
Ok, I could really get going here but my books are staring at me and I am blogging when I should be doing homework. Boy, it takes discipline to work all day and then come home and sit here at my laptop and do homework!!
Maybe I will go eat some dinner first…

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