April 9, 2007 at 10:51 am (My ramblings)

In my Bible study called Believing God by Beth Moore, we are going through Hebrews 11 and looking at the “Hall of Faith.” I have always loved Rahab because, she, like me, is a bad girl gone good. I love how God can take a prostitute and redeem and restore her and then have the story end with her name in the lineage of the Savior of the world! How awesome is that!

As I was reading over the story of Joshua getting ready to take Jericho, I found myself pondering this prostitute. I have always focused on the Israelites and all the walking around the walls and trumpet playing, not really on her. A few things stuck out to me.
When she talked to the spies and hid them, she told them she had heard about what God had done for the Israelites and made them swear that they would not destroy her family when they conquered Jericho. That is an important thing to note. She had to first of all hear about God. This is the very reason that I share my testimony. People need to hear about our awesome God and what He has done in our lives. They are seeds that we need to continually plant in people’s lives.
Another cool thing was the scarlet rope that Rahab had let down out of her window to let the spies out. They told her that if she left it in the window, the Israelites would see it and not destroy her or her family if they were inside. Don’t miss the significance of the color red. The same color as the Lamb’s blood that God told Moses to paint on the doorposts that the death angel would pass over. Israelite and prostitute, saved by the same blood!
I love how it ends. In Joshua 6:25, it states, “and she lives among the Israelites to this day.”
It is so amazing to me that Jesus not only redeems and restores, he gives back dignity and grace. I wonder what the Israelites thought about Rahab after she was spared. Did they look at her and see a woman changed by her Creator? Did they see a woman who once walked in shame and with her head down now looking up? I can imagine the stories she shared with anyone who would listen!
I can remember back to a time when I was so filled with shame about my past and I can say that I know what this woman felt like on the inside. To think that I would one day share with all the world my horrible, sinful past for the ultimate purpose to bring glory to God and what He can do with a life is an honor!


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  1. John Kaiser said,

    What can I say. Thank God for his Grace. We all could use more of it then we think.

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