Good Friday

April 6, 2007 at 10:50 am (My ramblings)

I woke up this morning feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. This is the time of the year when people flock to churches and I have been praying like crazy for revival!
All around the globe, people will be watching plays and productions about what Christ came to do for us. How cool is that? It doesn’t matter what denomination you are affiliated with. This is one of the few times the Church really acts like the Church. Our only agenda is that the truth about Christ’s life, death and resurrection is going out into all the earth.
At my church, we will have 7 presentations. Last year I think we had about 12,000 people come through our doors. We had 700 committments to Christ! I know it’s not about numbers but if this is just one church, can you imagine what is going on around the world? Millions of people are praying and fasting for the lost. I picture every nation, tribe and tongue! Kind of sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?
For the next several days lives will be forever changed. Chains will be broken, the addicted will be set free, the lonely will never again be alone, hearts will be mended, the afflicted will be healed, lives will be redeemed and restored. The list goes on and on. Pray. Pray like never before. Pray that the message of Christ’s redemption will resound through all the earth. Pray for your church. Pray for THE Church. Pray for those of us on staff at our churches. Pray for all the people involved in all the plays. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that hasn’t been equaled since Pentecost!


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