Talk to me Lord

April 2, 2007 at 10:44 am (My ramblings)

As I sit here having a cup of coffee with Jesus this morning, I realized that I have been doing all the talking. I read my Bible aloud and prayed and was just yacking away and it dawned on me (I’m smart like that) that I hadn’t asked Him what He was thinking. I am really trying to focus on what He wants to tell me instead of me telling Him what I want or how my day should go. Imagine that, me telling the Creator of the universe how to plan my day! As if!!
Anyways, today I will stop throughout my day and ask Him what He thinks. I want to draw near to Him so He will draw near to me. I want to be able to hear His small voice speak to me. I want to sense His presense like never before.
I was just reminded of the time when Elijah was hiding in the cave after he killed all the prophets of Baal. God came to him and told him to go stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord because the Lord was about to pass by. I think I would just drop dead if that happened to me! The Lord then sends a powerful wind that shattered the rocks but He was not in it. He then sent an earthquake but He was not in that either. Next came a fire but He was not there either. Then, I love this part, came a gentle whisper. God spoke to Elijah in a whisper. I think of the many missed opportunities to commune with God because I was looking for something extraordinary to happen when all along He is whispering.
Lord today, help me to be so in tune with You that I hear Your whispers. I don’t want to miss anything you have to say me today.



  1. Nelly said,

    Thank you for such wonderful devotion!

    • ivette said,

      This is wonderful. Thank you for reminding us that GOD is in control.
      It is on his time and terms. I have been struggling and asking GOD to listen to me. Now, I shall sit and listen to him. I so desperately want him to whisper to me.

  2. Valerie Cherry said,

    I was just sitting here at my desk at work. I just took my lunch break and decided to close my office door and try to sleep. But instead I started to play a computer game on my work computer. (Image that! Playing games on company equipment). As I was playing the game, it came to me. (You are always talking about having time for God and wanting God to talk to you, but when you have the opportunity, you do what, start playing around. And then you wonder why God doesn’t talk to you anymore.) I told my self I’m just play one more game and then I will spend time with God. (I heard in my spirit) “Putting God on the back burner?” Or have you gotten so use to doing what you want that you just have a habit of putting God last? I immediately stopped playing the game. I then wondered “What do I do now?” I remember thinking I want to talk to God. I then decided to go to the web and look up to find a scripture to read, when it dawn on me, go to google and type in Talk to God and see what you get. I was so amazed when I typed the words in and got your site. I read (my ramblings dated April 2, 2007.) Isn’t it amazing! On April 2, 2010, you wrote this 3 years and 7 months ago, and only God knew that I would need it today, July 14, 2010, 3 years, 7 months after He unctioned you to write about talk to God. Thank you for being obedient to the whispering of the Lord.

    • Arletha Edwards said,

      Wow! Our Father is so amazing! I found this site because I typed in the google search box “Lord speak to me” and this reply from Valerie Cherry is what is found. i am so at the same place! wanting to hear from God, yet “playing around” instead. Thank you Father for your ever present grace and mercy! May we all continue in obedience and be your light in the darkness of this work. I love you so much! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    • Rebecca said,

      Am waiting to hear you Lord…Amen

    • Noleen Houghton said,

      Wow…! over and over again, i thank God for speaking to me today the 28 February 2013. I need to spend more time with God…

  3. Abiola said,

    I need GOD Almighty

  4. perley rogich said,

    why do we always find the back burner when the most important part of our life is the lord. i am 70 years old and want that wispering from him more then enything that is in this world.

  5. Bobby Samuel said,

    i was googl’ing, ‘Talk to me Lord’, wanting for some spiritual help. And found this page. Evening of 3-1-2011. This article is very helpful, a powerful message. Thanks a lot. God Bless.
    Bobby Samuel.

  6. Patricia Beard said,

    This weekend was wonderful but my spirit felt heavy and I was having sleepless nights. I went to church and was home 15 minutes and the phone rang. The call was from my spiritual son, who’s wife had just lost her mother found dead on the floor by her bed. When I ministered and waited until they came to take the body away and came home. I wanted to talk to God. Something told me to google Talk to me Lord. I need to talk to God more and I want to hear everything he has to say. I am glad I found this site. I feel like I am communicating with others who love God and desire to strengthen their relationship. God Bless

  7. venus said,

    I was just sitting at the computer taking a break from my weekend chores and I said to myself again as I do so many times, “talk to me God” I never feel He talks to me. Your site appeared when I typed in the same phrase and it was touching to read what you had to say on the subject. He does talk to me or He tries to but I get in the way!
    I either keep too busy to listen or I do all the talking.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Teri said,

    Today I had felt so down and alone, and just typed “talk to me, Lord” in the search box, not expecting to have the search return anything of merit. To my surprise, the Lord did speak to me, through your words. Thank you.

  9. Sandra said,

    God is good all the time. Like so many others i just needed a word from God and out of desperation googled ‘Lord speak to me’. This has been a blessing. I will be still and know that He is God. I will go to the place where God is directing me (whatever ‘mountain’ that may be) and be still and listen for his voice.

    God bless

  10. Liya said,

    Thank you Lord, thank you so much for using people to let us know that your always near. I’m greatful to have read this. Makes me stop and think and make some time instead of excuses. To listen to his soft voice.

  11. Oke Elvis said,

    Wow at times we want GOD to live in our imagination or thoughts instead of leting ourselves live in his thoughts we can not fit him in our plans,we should let him fit us into his plans that is when we know how gentle he speaks to us and thats the only time we reach our full potential.

  12. sherry said,

    I needed to make a decison. I prayed I read the word for guidance but I was still conflicted within. I went to work desperate for the Lord to tell me what to do .I typed Lord speak to me. God is a God of order and peace I found your words. God bless you because my lesson has come. I have done my part, I have prayed, fasted read the bible, but I was not listening to God. Communication is not one way, how about listening to Lord God almighty instead of calling others to answer God’s question….

  13. Karen said,

    Just what I needed! Thank you – am at a very confusing crossroads at the moment.

  14. jiji said,

    its amazing i typed speak to me lord and this came glad im not the only one who has moments like this where i just need to hear my creators voice. thank you for this beautiful article.

  15. Cheryl Werneth said,

    I was sitting on my “devotional couch” listening to worship and just really needing to hear God so much. I felt so much desperation inside of my heart. I’m not a very patient person when it comes to getting results. As a Mom and wife I tend to be vey patient with my children and husband but in other areas of my life I want results and I want them quick! I find that recently I’ve been praying for areas in my life and feeling quite anxious rather this just walking in faith and waiting on The Lord. This morning I wanted to hear from God in the most desperate way and so I typed in google “talk to God” and I got your site. Who would have thought that something you wrote in 2007 would speak to my heart 5 years later! Wow, God you are good, you are faithful and your timing is always perfect! Thank you for sharing what God out on your heart years ago and thank you Jesus for speaking to me this morning.

  16. lorraine said,

    today i spoke to a friend who is going through a lot in her life. she was telling me about how she needed to go back to the drawing board and speak with her creator, find out where she needs to be and what she needs to do in her life right now. instantly, i had my own realization that i need to seek him first in order for me to find the answers to my own life. i thought to myself let me google ‘speak to me lord’ and i am so glad i did beacuse all the testimonies here, feel like a little whisper from God, telling me to “be still and know that i am God’.

  17. tara said,

    I have been praying all day got home it was quiet and I typed in speak to me lord cause I need answers from him I found this site and it touched me I realized I to look for some amazement thing to happen I to speak a lot all day I never listen for that small whisper but I am now thank you and Thank you Lord for directing me to this site.

  18. chris moon said,

    When i take the lord off the burner and finally decide to listen to his voice, i realize that hearing his voice has now become a task, now i have spiritual and kingdom responsibilities to tend to. To serve the lord is what i want to do, but now i must decide to let myself go, and try to give him my whole heart, and thats not always easy, but if i can just somehow find a way to bury my nose in his word everyday, i know things will in a bit of time begin to change, and that wonderful joyful feeling and peace and comfort being sheltered by his wing will come, but i need patience, and i need to pay close attention to the smallest details as the spirit leads me, its easy to be destracted, and if i do not do well…sin lies at my front door, bit i still need to resist, i have learned that if i can get in his word every day and pray or just talk to him and think about him and the kingdom all day long i can become more eagle like, aknwoledge him in all that i do and he will direct my footsteps, and i forget the scripture, but he will also establish my thoughts, that is awesome. anyways, i typed in speak to me lord and found this site, so i think he spoke to me. thank you family of god, i hope you do well, love love.

  19. Cheryl Cicero said,

    It seems as though most have a simular story. Sitiing at the computer and Google-ing Speak to me Lord. Ditto! Been needing to hear his voice. Feeling really alone since my mom died and my dad has ahlztimers and doesn’t remembe me. I am encouraged by your article and reminded that I am on God’s mind. I will be listening and waiting for him to speak through the little things in my life. The soft quiet moments. 🙂

    • Chichi said,

      That is the same way it happened for me. This reminds me that I should not only pray, making petitions, begging, thanking, worshiping like its a one sided relationship. I should also be quiet and listen to what My Father in heaven is saying to me.
      This rambling page has been a blessing to many and to me, just by me knowing that He communicates in that gentle whisper that my inner spirit cannot but recognize. God bless you all as we all listen for his voice.

      • Shalina said,

        okay here i am at my work place waiting to hear from God because i am so bored i didnt know what to do. Morning when i came to work first thing i did is play game on my tab a voice came from inside its better i have chat with my Jesus but then i just cut the voice it will just take two min to finish my game. however i finished playing yet waiting to speak to lord listening to songs checking some prayful video clips on you tube but i dont know why still disturbed yet hungry to listen to my lord and some thing came to my mind lets put on google talking to god and i came across this site where i see you guys had same experience as me. so now on i have deiced to write letter to my loving jesus and tell him even though he is with us why do we miss him so much. feeling of incompleteness is there. My lord has given me everything that i have asked of him but i want to know how life can bring Glory to God. So many times i am doubtful how many times i fail to trust yet my loving Lord Jesus never give up on me and some how he makes his way in my heart and finds me. All i wnat to do is hear my Lord Jesus speaking to me just want to hear him talking to me his sweet gentle voice.

  20. Michelle said,

    Thank you so much for this site! I am right now here at my work station and asking God to talk to me in the midst of my trials. and i was convicted to type in google talk to me Lord This July 15,2013 and i saw this site, yes I was reminded by God that i need to trust HIm and Have faith as well as patience in waiting for His answers. He is in control of evrything, sometimes we just need to listen in his soft ad and very comforting voice on what He wants for us.
    LOrd, you are my strength, you know me from head to toes and you see every difficulties i have right now! I give to you all! Thank you Lord, I love you Jesus, AMen….

  21. Tanaka said,

    Its 2014 and the first time in my life I said Lord speak to me as I desperately needed His counsel to overcome many difficult people and situations. Sometimes Im at a loss as how to respond to an odd situation or persons.
    I was so desperate that this evening while sitting on my sofa for prayer I thought I have prayed so many times but I need to hear from the Lord, and there the Notebook was and I googled “Speak to me,Lord” and it is apparent Im not the only desperate one seeking Him tp speak to via the internet.
    Wow , who would have thought that something that was written 7 years ago would still be ministering to people like me.
    The still small voice ; oh yea, to be still and know that He is GOD, how quickly we forget but then again Jesus is faithful even to the end of time.
    Praise the Lord !

    • Cheryl Cicero said,

      So I have had a really difficult time with my older son and dealing with the repercussions of his actions…stuff that no one wants to go through or deal with. Taking a class on forgiveness but not really knowing how to react to the situation. I know God is there in all of this but it is hard to see him or feel him in such dark moments. How can a child that God has given me, blessed me with turn out to hurt others so severely. There is a plan for his life. God spoke to me when he was young and assured me that he was going to have a wonderful life. This doesn’t look very wonderful. But I know he is still in charge of everything. Lord I give Nick over to you. You are his papa God. Only you can make beauty out of ashes.
      Yesterday in church our pastor stopped and said , “Someone needs to hear this…Be still and know that I am God” and then he said , Just wait on him and see what he can do in your situation” I felt that was for me. Then today I get several e-mails in my box from this site talking about the same thing. Being still, listening for God. Wow! I posted on this site in Jan of 2013! We serve an AWSOME GOD….so I’m waiting Lord, and listening 🙂 Thanks for all your thoughts and encouraging words.

      • Rachel said,

        Thanks for your comments Cheryl. I haven’t been writing at all, obviously since I just approved your comment from 2013! Be encouraged though. I’m not sure if you read my testimony, there is a link on the front page, but I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and I gave my life to the Lord about 13 years ago. I did some pretty horrible things and committed heinous sins in my past. Continue to pray for your son and don’t give up. I have to believe that somewhere there was someone praying for me. One of my favorite verses I memorized as a new Christian is Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates is own love for us in this, While we were STILL sinners, Christ died for us.” God loves your son more than you do as hard as that is to believe and He will work His perfect plan out in his life. Be blessed and while you’re waiting on the Lord, praise Him!

  22. Tanaka said,

    And to all the precious people who have posted the comments here,
    I pray that all is well with you all joyfully walking with the Lord whether in the valley or on the mountain, the Lord the Provider is the same, yesterday, today and 4ever !

  23. Tanaka said,

    The goodness of the Lord, is beyond comprehension
    The goodness of the Lord, it leads me to repentance
    The goodness of the Lord leads me in the path of righteousness
    I trust in the goodness of the Lord and His everlasting mercies.
    The goodness of the Lord will teach me to be still, to hear His inaudible whispers, to direct my steps so that I may prosper under the Wings of the Father, even as my soul prospers

  24. Rodah said,

    Thank you lord u keep so doing great things in our life time,god is wonderful its amazing i typed talk to me lord and this came glad um not the only one who has moments like this where i just need to hear my creators voice. keep on talking to me lord because i need you more than ever….thank you and god bless you

  25. Pula said,

    I wod love to get daıly scrıptures

  26. GIFT said,

    I have been wanting to hear his voice for some time now , but I keep putting him last, I work so hard and devote my days to my job and the last few minutes of the day when I am very exhausted with little energy, and all I do is to present my ‘shopping list’ to God making no time to listen to him .
    In the last few months I have been questioning whether this is what God really wants me to do leaving none but little time for my father. Tonight as I was getting ready to shut down my computer I felt the need to hear his voice and to direct my days so that I can have time for his work . I googled ‘Lord speak to me’ and I am amazed how many of you out there have been in a similar situation and encouraging me to seek the face of the Lord and allowing time to hear his voice. Lord Jesus thank you for this moment.

  27. Latonya said,

    Wow! God can be funny at times the way he works. Just like he said, ( I will never leave you nor forsake you) ( Seek and yee shall find) He’s so Awesome! To my Sisters and Brothers here, this is not by coincidence that we found this website It was nobody but our Heavenly Father who brought us here because he loves us so much and he knows our hearts…..May God bless and keep all of you…..Renee

  28. Ronlyn said,

    Listening for the whisper… 😉

  29. Ruff said,

    Wow I was sitting at my desk at work…thinking I can’t go on I can’t hear God and I need his help ASAP…I can’t hear him…my life is a mess…trying to be calm….got people praying for miracles, my faith and strength. I hear so many but I need to hear from him. I thought why not type in God talk to me through the computer…I got this! Ok I needed to read this. It is September 8, 2014 last person on here was september 3, 2014. Doesn’t seem to be very active place, so you know it must be God. This can’t be coincidence. I got tingles too up my spine thinking about it that is God. Wow. So you know here I am God keep talking to me please….I am listening! I need direction help and miracles that only you can do…please keep talking to me…please! This is awesome.

    • Chichi said,

      I stumbled upon here in feb 7th of 2013, as I sought to hear from God. It’s been wonderful to visit whenever i receive notification of a new comment. A lot has happened in my life since that feb 7th 2013, a year and half ago. God has granted me the petition that caused me to desperately seek Him which led me to this page. He has made mother to a beautiful baby boy after close to 20 years of desiring it. I praise him with all my heart and I encourage everyone to hold to the Lord of mercy and compassion. He works in mysterious ways. He speaks to us quietly, He is always there,within reach. He is beyond awesome. Thank you Lord.

  30. natu said,

    Thank you for your obedience. Thank The Most High God for providing a haven for us who desire to outcry for his healing, soothing. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Jeremiah 23:23New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    “Am I a God who is near,” declares the Lord,
    “And not a God far off?

  31. james said,

    In my emotional pain i cryed out for the Lord to speak to me, I needed to hear him.In desperation, I went to my lab top and type in talk to me Lord.
    After reading the replies I have a feeling of Peace now.I will try being still and listen for His soft voice and know He is in control.

    • Cheryl Cicero said,

      He is in controll if you let him have the control. Me being such a control freak struggle with that. Especially when I see pain and heartache in the situation. But God is so incredibly awesome and uses those very things to get us to move and grow in his love. Sounds like your in one of those places! Crawl up into the arms of God and put your trust in him for he is right and just and knows whats best for you!

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