Losing a sister in Christ

March 30, 2007 at 8:01 pm (My ramblings)

I just came home from a dear sister in Christ’s funeral. She had been battling cancer for a few years and it finally took her home a few days ago. There were about 600 people there and to look around and see the impact this one person had on so many others was very eye opening.
Today was a day of celebration because we know where she is now. She is in God’s presence and she is seeing His glory!
Several people gave testimony of how this woman of God was a true example of what it means to be a devoted Christ follower. They shared about her love for God that drove her on and how they would visit her to encourage and minister to her but by the time they left, she had encouraged them! I have never heard so many people say the same things over and over about how she meant so much to them and how she touched the lives of so many people.

I pray that as long as I have breath in me, I will live today as if it is my last. I pray that I will look for opportunities to share the love of Christ with someone. I pray that I, too, will have a positive impact on at least one person today. I pray that I would reflect Christ’s love to others, that I would not look at interruptions as frustrations, but as God moments. I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditations on my heart would be pleasing to my Rock and my Redeemer. I pray that I don’t waste another day in mediocrity or complacency. I pray that the fire in my soul would be ignited to flames, Jesus style! I pray that I will always believe to the depths of my soul that I WILL BE A WORLD CHANGER!!!! I will pray radical prayers. I will say to this mountain move and I will stand in front of it until it does! I will be a light in this world so veiled in darkness. I will be God’s Ambassador. I will relentlessly pursue to know my Savior more intimately each and every day. I pray that my thoughts and actions will be holy and pure. Boy, I just love getting fired up on Jesus!


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