My weekend

March 26, 2007 at 10:19 pm (My ramblings)

Well, my training in Chicago was awesome. It was a leadership training seminar and although it was a lot of information given in a short period of time, I learned quite a bit.

It started off with our first flight being delayed which caused us to miss our connecting flight from New York to Chicago. Here we are in New York, it’s 8:30 pm and we are cranky and want to just get there and get to our hotel. It seemed like no one in the entire airport knew what was going on. We were told that the airport was closing at 9 pm and there were no more outgoing flights and we had to stay in the Big Apple and catch a 6 am flight out. Now, the seminar was starting at 9 am, with registration beginning at 8 am so, being the godly, spiritual people we are, we prayed about the situtation first thing. NOT! We started to FREAK OUT and was about to go postal on the man at the counter when I realized I had my Church of the Redeemer jacket on. Just kidding! But prayer was not the first thought that came to any of our minds.

After taking several deep breaths, we prayed. I knew the Lord must have some other plan for us if we couldn’t make the training so I simply trusted that He knew what He was doing. Within 10 minutes, they had booked us on a flight that was leaving at 9:30 pm! It was awesome. I love how the Lord does that!

Anyways, we get on the plane and we sit for about and hour and a half! Long story short, we made it to our hotel and were in bed at 2:45 am! We got about 3 hours of sleep then had to sit through an 11 hour seminar. The good thing was, we broke into groups throughout the day for those team building exercises so all in all, it all worked out.

The best part of the trip was we got to eat Chicago style pizza. It was truly the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. When it came to our room and we opened the box, I thought it was a cheesecake it was so thick. It was stuffed with so much cheese I think the pizza weighed about 15 lbs! (which is probably what I gained eating it!)

Yummy! I was so afraid that when I saw the pastor he would say, “so Rachel, what was the one thing that impacted you the most on this trip?” I wouldn’t be able to lie so I would have had to say, “the pizza!”

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