A day in the life of Rachel

March 20, 2007 at 9:02 pm (Funny Stuff, My ramblings)

Ok so I am driving to work this morning jamming with Sonic Flood live blaring full blast in my car when all of a sudden the music cuts off. I am sitting there wondering what could be wrong because my car is brand new, I have 600 miles on it!
Just when I was getting ready to start hitting buttons on the stereo, my car called me. Yes, you read that right. I have Onstar, which is the coolest thing since sliced wheat bread. So my car starts talking to me telling me I need to talk to an Onstar representative to finish setting up my new account. She comes on the line and we have a nice little chat. She explains all these cool things Onstar can do. If I lock my keys in the car, I just call them and they unlock it. If I lose my car in a parking lot, I call them and they honk the horn and flash the lights. (As if I would even admit to losing my car) It runs a diagnostic check monthly and emails me the results. How freaky is that? It just told me my oil life is at 95%! My car is smarter than anyone I know! So I finish up the call and once again and am having a Sonic Flood concerto in my car.

Then I get to work and I am looking in the mirror and was horrified to find another grey hair! I have been letting my hair grow back after chopping it off last year and it is finally getting to where I can put it up. I just found one yesterday! That’s two grey hairs in two days, yikes!
The reason I find this so amusing is because as I was looking in the mirror today, I was thinking, “girl, you are looking pretty good for being 41!” As soon as that thought came to me, the Lord’s words came to me too, Pride comes before a fall! Man oh man, I am not looking in the mirror anymore and I am going to leave my hair down from now on!
Here is live footage of the grey hair that two of my godly sisters in Christ (Sandra & Christy) took today so I could always remember it…


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