Life is full of Surprises

March 15, 2007 at 10:52 pm (Africa, Missions, Prayers)

I have been praying about Africa and how I can help with the AIDS orphans for quite a while now. I am trying to figure out if God wants me to live there full time or what. I am an advocate for these poor children and my heart is with them but does that mean God is calling me there to minister to them? Does that mean that God wants me to pack up my few meager things and move there? Does he want me to leave my unsaved brothers, sister and mother to go spread the Gospel there to complete strangers? As a single adult, should I date knowing God could call me to live there? Will I be able to raise thousands of dollars in support to get and stay there?

These, and many more questions have been on my mind for the last few years. I am in my last year of Bible college and I am praying that the Lord will reveal His will to me soon!
I have asked many of my friends to be prayer warriors for me and to help me to seek God in this and I am so grateful for people who I respect to speak words of wisdom and who encourage (and yes, sometimes admonish!) me.
One of my friends told me it was time to start doing something about it so I sent out an email to some friends and asked for prayer. That was 2 days ago and amazingly enough, an opportunity opened up for me to possibly go to South Africa with our youth group at church this summer.
One leader is unable to go now so there are 2 candidates vying for this position! And one of those is me!
An even greater opportunity opened up for me in that I am being sent to a seminar next weekend in Chicago with Teen Mania to go through their leadership missions training program. Our youth group at church is using them for our mission trip and in order to be a leader, you have to go through their training and be approved. Even if I don’t get picked, how awesome is that? Maybe God is opening another door with Teen Mania for me somehow. Maybe I will make more connections and my missions network will grow because of this trip. I don’t know, I can only pray that whatever happens, I have an open and responsive heart.
I was thinking about Abraham today and thinking about how I would respond if God said to me, Go, leave your country and everything you know and go to where I will tell you to go…by the way I am not sure where yet, just go and I will let you know when you get there.
Oh Lord, that I would be ready to go. Today…Tomorrow… Next Year… Whenever…


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