Flu Season

March 12, 2007 at 6:26 pm (Funny Stuff, My ramblings)

Well, I have been in bed for 6 days with the flu. I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid. I lost my voice and had the worse sore throat. It’s still pretty sore and raw and I sound like a heavy smoker, which I am not!

While on my little sick sabbatical, I have had a lot of time to think. Granted with a high fever, my thinking was not always coherent but that’s ok, because I can’t remember those first few days anyways!

I was thinking about how I am always so busy, with work, school and ministry and how being sick for a week really helped me to understand that I need to take regular sabbaticals. For me, a sabbath is sleeping in Saturday morning until 8 am and not starting laundry until at least 9 am. Somehow, I am pretty sure that when God made the Sabbath, that is not what He had in mind!

The only time I even come close to thinking about a Sabbath rest is when I have a knee surgery or get so sick, I am flat on my back. Why is this? I know part of it is my type A personality, which I am happy to say is now an A minus versus an A plus. Yes, I am growing.

When I started school this semester, I told myself that I would not get so bogged down and only work and study but that is exactly what I have done! I think I need help. It’s pretty sad to think I need help to let my hair down and get out and have some fun but it’s true.

I had a county catalog and I had no idea that they offered so many fun classes. They offer everything from pottery classes to Tai Chi to cooking. A few of them looked interesting to me and I may sign up for one of them. (As long as there is no homework or mental energy requirement).

I am also praying about getting a puppy. Isn’t he adorable?

I want something really small and easy to take care of. I used to have one similar to this one but I was a workaholic (I know, imagine that! I was an A plus, plus before I met Jesus!) and I worked too much and my poor puppy was suffering from separation anxiety. I did have a puppy sitter who used to come by my apartment and she took care of him when I was at work. She took him one weekend to her grandparents house and they fell in love with him. They asked me if they could keep him and it was a hard decision but I gave him to them. They are retired and had another little dog and they used to send me pictures.

Well, speaking of homework, I have a week’s worth to catch up on. I just got my grade for the Kingdom of the Cults, which was one of the most eye opening courses, and I got an A!!!!!!
I think I deserve to buy myself a new puppy!!!!


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