My new favorite thing!

February 21, 2007 at 11:46 am (Funny Stuff, My ramblings)

Well, after debating whether or not to buy a new car, I finally took the plunge! I was so excited because I thought that by trading in my old car, I would just about break even but they paid it off and gave me an additional $2,000! My payment stays pretty much the same which is what I prayed about.
Here is a picture of it. I will post a new one with me in it when I get a chance.

Isn’t it sassy? It’s almost identical in the interior to my old one, so I know where everything is! It does have a few cooler things. I have onstar and I will have to listen to a cd and read the book to figure out what that’s all about. There is an emergency button in the car that if I push, the authorities will come right away, pretty cool. It also has a built in phone and the car will call me when I need my oil changed and if there is anything wrong with it. How freaky is that? Can you imagine, you are driving to work and your car calls you and says, look Rachel, I know you are busy but I really need to get an oil change today. Haha. The best part about my new car is that I get free oil changes and all the maintenance stuff free forever! They also changed the engine a little and I have more torque. Just what I need!
Be careful what you pray for, cause you may get it!



  1. dan ohlerking said,

    sweet ride.

    but yeah, but can they move the steering wheel to the other side of the car for you before you ship it to africa?

    maybe if you’re really nice to them….


  2. Rachel said,

    I plan on selling my sweet ride and utilizing the many indigenous animals for my future transportations needs!

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