Achan and Ai

December 28, 2006 at 5:30 pm (Faith, My ramblings)

I have been making my way through the Bible again and I started reading Joshua this morning. Where are the single, godly men like him and Caleb hiding? I want to be with a man like that, so much faith and what a great leader. I am degressing, let me get back to a man I don’t want to end up with, Achan. Poor dude.
Anyways I was reading about how the Israelites attacked the men of Ai and it should have been an easy win for them but because of the sin of one man, they were defeated by the Amorites. When Joshua inquired of the Lord, He told him that one man had stolen some objects that were supposed to be set apart for the Lord. Joshua gathered all the tribes together and the Lord showed him that Achan was the man. The Lord then told the Israelites to take Achan, his sons and daughters, cattle, donkeys, sheeps, goats, tent and everything he owned to the Valley of Achor where they burned everything. At first glance, this seems kind of harsh but the Lord always has a purpose for what He tells us to do. This man’s sin affected everyone, not only the Israeltites but his entire family. When we sin, we think we are the only one who is affected but the Lord knows the long term effects of sin, especially hidden sins. They affect every area of our lives and the people closest to us. It also has a profound effect on non believers. They are watching and waiting too see how and if we are different. Do we walk our talk?

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