Still counting my blessings…

December 27, 2006 at 10:39 pm (Faith, Missions, My ramblings)

I finished reading Deuteronomy today and I had forgotten how much of it focuses on God’s blessings for obedience. I know we don’t obey so we can be blessed but how incredible is the promise of blessings for simply being obedient. Not that it is any way simple to be obedient. Sometimes it’s just plain difficult but I would rather listen to God than have Him curse me. Yikes, perish the thought.
Anyways, here it is almost the end of another year and the beginnings of a new one. I am working on my goals for next year, not resolutions but real goals I would like to accomplish. And no, I am not going to publish them here for all the world to see!
I have been taking this recuperation time from knee surgery to pray and seek the Lord and try to figure out some things. I really want to be involved in missions but I am not sure to what extent that will look like. I would love to work for an organization that mobilizes missionaries and short term mission teams overseas. That way I may not have to live overseas all the time but I would get to lead several trips a year. I am not sure. I was researching jobs with organizations and I realized that I will have to continue in school. Almost everyone wants a Bachelor’s degree so my little Associate’s degree ain’t gonna cut it. I prayed most of today (and on and off for the last 6 months) about whether or not to continue in Bible college and I am pretty sure I am going to continue. It will be difficult and I will be taking 2-3 classes each semester. Studying takes up so much time and is a huge commitment. I am going to try to balance it this year though because last year I studied way too much.
I am waiting for my school counselor to call me back with my classes. I know I need to take some hard ones like Apologetics and Systematic Theology, oh goodie!!!


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