Can I make a difference?

August 10, 2006 at 3:06 pm (Faith, My ramblings, Testimonies)

This past Monday, one of our Peru team members, Scott was at work and was having alot of pain and he could not breathe. He left work and drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted. He was told he had a blot clot in his lung. I can’t even begin to imagine how scared he was or what he was thinking or feeling. I know one of the first thoughts I had was praise God this didn’t happen while we in Peru. Who knows what kind of treatment he would have recieved in the hospital there.
He has been in there for several days and has many, many visitors. I went one evening and when I left, there were still 4 people there! I know this encouraged his heart but there was another amazing thing happening in his room. Scott’s roomate was a man named Jessie (Nick), who had been there for a while. He is in alot of pain, not only physically but emotionally as well. Scott, and all of his friends, have been ministering to this man everyday and praying for him and it is incredible to watch a person as the Holy Spirit is preparing his heart to recieve Him. This man was moved to accept Jesus because of the love he saw as the body of Christ came forward to minister to Scott.
A friend of Scott’s took in a portable DVD player and showed Jessie several DVD’s. One was a Baptism service, one was of the missions night and one was The Story of Love. Jessie’s heart finally opened up and he recieved Jesus as his Lord and Savior last night! I know the angels were rejoicing in that room! He asked Scott to not forget about him when he was released.

I am not sure if Scott was thinking about Romans 8:28 (and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose) when he had to be admitted or not but it is just like the Lord to use a situation like this to draw people to Himself. Not once when I talked to Scott did he complain about having to be in the hospital or being in pain or anything. His only concern was for his roomate who did not know Jesus. I asked Scott how long Jessie would be there at the hospital because I wanted to see if we could take him a Bible. Scott had already given him his very own Bible.
I pray that our eyes would be opened and that we would see all the opportunities the Lord puts in our path. The answer to the question, can I make a difference, is a definitive YES!

Update on Nick (8/11/06)
Sue and I just got back from visiting Nick in the hospital. We took him a packet of books, etc for new believers. He was in good spirits and is looking forward to coming to church tomorrow. We met his new roomate named George who needs prayers too.
Nick shared with us that he was in there because he was in a fight and someone hit him in the back with a tire iron. He didn’t go to the hopsital or doctor then but the pain was so bad, he knew he needed treatment. He will need to be on meds for awhile and physical therapy to regain some of the muscle tissue he lost so keep praying for him. Sue ended by praying for both Nick and George so hopefully, George will open his heart to the Lord too!


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