Peru Mission Trip-Day 5

August 7, 2006 at 4:01 pm (Faith, Funny Stuff, Missions, My ramblings, Peru)

Fun Day!
A few of our team members went to check out the beach. Tami is breathing in some fresh air, and our very own adventurer, Lorenzoooo, is taking a quick dip. Since it is Peru’s winter, the water was freezing! After a walk on the beach in Trujillo and a nice lunch, we boarded our second home, the bus, and prepared for a 12 hour bus ride back to Lima. You learn alot about people when there are 20 people on one bus for that long. As one of the team leaders and sheriff in town, I learned that the best way to cope with the situation could be summed up in just one word… Dramamine. I wasn’t really worried about anyone really getting sick, I just wanted peace on the bus 🙂
One of the pictures is our wonderful host going above and beyond her call of duty. If you look carefully on the right side of the picture, you can see our very spiritual leader, Pastor Joey.
I will try my best to describe the scene here.
After many hours on the road, lots of Lomo Saltado and other Peruvian dishes, all the drugs I pumped into everyone, no chemicals in the bathroom, and many other things that can’t (and shouldn’t be shared), the bathroom didn’t exactly smell as fresh as it could have. We voted for our team insomniac, Ted, to go in and open up the window in there and the third picture is of our very spirit-filled hosts locking him in the bathroom, while he is attempting this heroic feat.
I know we all made a pact that what happens in Peru stays in Peru but this was too funny not to share!


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