Peru Mission Trip Day 2-Church

August 6, 2006 at 10:28 pm (Missions, My ramblings, Peru)

Day 2
Camino De Vida church service. It was awesome to worship there. I actually understood some of what Pastor Robert was sharing. I know he was talking about the Israelites complaining about their continual diet of pan y agua (bread and water) and I laughed when he said [of the Israelites] Yo tengo alli de gallina y Lomo Soltaldo! I am sure I spelled all that wrong but focus on the story here…
This church is so commited to ministering to the people in Peru. They have so many ministries, I can’t even begin to mention them here. Click here to find out more. The music was so energizing and God’s presence was definitely there. It was cool to watch the worship band praising God and bouncing up and down. (I am a fellow bouncer).
There is something extraordinary that happens when worshiping in another language. It is so beautiful. I have noticed that people of other nations worship so much more freely than we do in the US. I keep asking myself why that is.
We got to see Pastor Nick and meet his new bride, Kristin. They are only a few off the many people at Camino De Vida who are making an impact in Peru. His enthusiam for Jesus pours out of him. One day on one of our long (12 hour) bus rides, I got a chance to talk to Veronica, one of our hosts from Camino De Vida. She shared her heart with me and I was so humbled by her love for the Peruvian people and her commitment to Pastor Robert and the church. Her sweet, gentle spirit is refreshing and I am so thankful for all her help while we were there.
I am also grateful for our other host, Leah, for all her help and for keeping us entertained! Her heart for children is apparent as we watched her interacting with them. She was a blessing to our team.


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