Peru Mission Trip- Day 1

August 6, 2006 at 3:40 pm (Missions, My ramblings, Peru)

Day 1
We began our time of ministry in Peru by going to an area that you will definitely not see in the brochures. We were told it could be dangerous and were warned ahead of time to wear old clothes, to take off any jewelry and not carry any money. We planned on meeting with Camino De Vida’s evangelism team to help minister to the street people. We had to argue with our bus driver because he did not want to drive into the area we wanted him to. He was very vocal about this and some of the team member’s looked a little nervous. The pastor heading up the team there saw our bus and jumped on and told us all that we would be safe and it was ok to enter.
This was a drug infested part of town where the homeless lived under a bridge. Pastor Nick’s evangelism team had started going to the main square that was a few blocks away. They had been ministering there for several months when they were invited into this area where no one dared to enter. The streets are filled with homeless people and the children are known as ‘piranhas’ because they would gang up on a person and rob them. Basically strip them of everything like a piranha would do. But these children did not harm us in any way. We came filled with the spirit of God and under a covering of prayer and were able to love on these children and play with them. We also cooked hotdogs and made sandwiches for them. We handed out over 100 Bibles and we signed them for them as well. We shared our lives and testimonies with them and prayed with and over them.

Pastor Nick really has a heart for them to know Christ and he and his team have been going there several times a week. They have started to clean the area by picking up trash and sweeping and washing the streets. What an incredible witness of God’s love they show. The community has been pitching in as well. Pastor Nick shared with us how they were going to paint the houses and the area they live in and when I asked him who was paying for the supplies, he said, “I am not sure but God will provide.” His faith encouraged my heart and our team took a love offering and was able to give them $300. Not only did they paint the area in 3 beautiful colors, they were able to feed the children a few more times and get them much needed supplies.
I left wondering just how much difference could 17 people make in one day when the needs are so great. When I think about how the Lord could make 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish feed over 5000 people, I understand the meaning of Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” This was one day that this community of people did not go hungry.


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